In which plans got changed and I went on an adventure

I’ve been meaning to blog about our artillery event not happening, but two things have kept me busy: I’m frantically working on the Steampunk/paranormal I’m co-writing with Rebecca Hamilton (I’m typing until my fingers wear down to the bone–the BONE, guys) and One Direction is taunting me with some kind of musical foreplay by releasing […]

The Deep South, part two: The Adventure Continues

I saw an alligator today and, let’s be real people, I was super excited. In today’s edition of “I’m in the South,” I’m sunburned and Zayn Malik quit One Direction.  Jeez, it’s like becoming a fan of the Beatles in 1968 and Ringo quitting.  Seriously?  I just jumped into this fandom and you’re quitting?  Whatever, […]

Communing with Ernest Hemingway and other tales of my non-writing vacation

And I’m back. After all good intentions of sitting by the pool and writing/blogging/reflecting the glow of the sun with my paleness, were cast to the wayside and openly mocked over cocktails, I have Cha Cha-ed by way back from The Caribbean! For those just tuning in: My mother and I went on a cruise […]