There’s Got to be a Morning After

Predictably, prime time was empty without the usual Olympic coverage.  It’s a hard adjustment, let me tell you. But hey, here we are.  Seventeen days and one fantastic closing ceremonies later (Scary Spice got FAT), I realized with notable horror that the next time the Summer Olympics roll around, my children will be six and four.  I’ll be celebrating […]

And from this week’s Good Time Department: Ryan Lochte and cupcakes

So, I’m on Pinterest. My mother said, “Like you need more social media in your life.” Truth.  I tweet.  I blog.  I tried to Triberr, but Triberr hates Internet Explorer and refused to work and I refused to put further effort into it.  But Pinterest!  Pinterest is just mindless enough to delight me.  I see.  I like.  […]