Storming the fort: And thus, I stood outside Fort Roberdeau.

I stood outside Fort Roberdeau, because I didn’t have enough money to get in. Soooo, this weekend The Hubs, The Rowdy Boys, and I journeyed to glamorous central Pennsylvania, home of Penn State University and a surprising amount of cows.  This conversation happened: The Hubs to The Preschooler: What comes from cows? The Preschooler: Poop. I […]

The Last Blog of my Twenties: The Top 29 History Related Shenanigans I’ve Pulled

Well, the inevitable milestone I’ve been dreading all year is just about upon us. Tomorrow is my 30th birthday. And yes, I’m depressed. And yes, I will be drowning my sorrows in chocolate cake. But for now, at least for a few more hours, I’m still in my twenties and in honor of 29 years […]