Huge error in book buying judgment: Enter the Epic Fail.

I think I made a colossal misstep. So, when we were milling about the gift shop in the Gettysburg Visitor’s Center, I rummaged around the (surprisingly) small historical fiction section.  Several books caught my eye, oddly enough one of which was Gone With the Wind.  I resisted.  I picked up another one that sounded interesting, […]

Confession: I’ve never read “Gone with the Wind” PLUS Echoes of Antietam

Not that it needs reiterated, but I love the American Civil War. The Hubs and I have an entire bookcase dedicated to Civil War (nonfiction) books. I’m writing a novel about the Civil War, I blog about the Civil War, I’ve been known to reenact the Civil War; I have taken more pictures of the […]