That moment when you’re as cool as Stephen King

In between trying to find a good guacamole recipe and creeping Google for the ongoing saga whether Harry Styles is possibly, maybe, almost confirmed as being cast in Dunkirk which, although hasn’t started filming is set to hit theaters on 7/21/2017 so look, I’m busy that day, I’ve determined I’m really bad with author promotions. Oh, […]

Inquiring about book tours: And still, no one cares about my GPA.

When I was a youngster and in my senior year of college, I reflected upon my GPA and how the stupid B- in Macroeconomics ruined it.  Mathematically, I couldn’t raise my GPA any higher, no matter how hard I worked.  Farewell, dreams of Summa Cum Laude.  I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a GPA of  3.93 and […]

Purple hair and author websites: This time, it’s real

Approximately twenty years ago (that sound you hear is me throwing up), my parents and I went to the American Baptist Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana.  We did this because we are American Baptists and, I guess, that was the time all the American Baptist ministers get together to…convene.  This was possibly a bad time to […]

The one where I built an author website…and then didn’t upload it.

This weekend, we had The Preschooler’s 4th birthday party (he officially turns four next week) and, honestly, I’m exhausted.  He decided he wanted a strawberry birthday cake and, in what seemed like a good idea at the time, I let him pick what cake picture he liked on Pinterest for his cake.  He picked a […]