Finishing my novel and partying like it’s 2012

Happy New Year!!  What’s up 2015? So, this happened: I finished my next historical novel, Since April!  The stats are in: Finished at 9:05am 12/29/2014 371 pages 108,080 words (pattern power!!) According to Word, my total writing time was 21373 minutes.  Which….is horrifying. Since April has firmly established itself has my longest novel yet.  There was […]

Awkward and charming scheduled a book release party!

Poised and elegant weren’t available that weekend. Somewhere in that dreamy middle ground between “what should I have for lunch?” and “oh look, only thirty-three years left to go until I can retire” lies my book release.  Book release!  Ah, what better stage to showcase my awkwardness and ability to trip over a completely flat, […]

And then this happened: My novel’s cover art is HERE

Sometimes I think the notion of “being a published author” hasn’t firmly settled in my brain yet, you know, somewhere between the official name of a Civil War Napoleon (Model 1857 Light Gun 12 pound Howitzer) and the lyrics to the song “Cows with Guns” (We will run free with the buffalo or diiiiiiiiiie).  Yet […]