That moment when you’re as cool as Stephen King

In between trying to find a good guacamole recipe and creeping Google for the ongoing saga whether Harry Styles is possibly, maybe, almost confirmed as being cast in Dunkirk which, although hasn’t started filming is set to hit theaters on 7/21/2017 so look, I’m busy that day, I’ve determined I’m really bad with author promotions. Oh, […]

Internal shriek of terror: 5 days until my book signing!

You know that part in “Ice Age” where all the Dodo birds are slinking forward and chanting, “Doom on you!  Doom on you!  Doom on you!”  Yeah, that’s what keeps replaying through my brain.  If there was a pie chart of things I’m nervous about for my book signing, it would include: Nobody showing up […]

With Me Now is in paperback! And I’ll sign it for you 8/21!

I know, right? I’ve been in some kind of Harry Styles coma for the past, like five days.  Okay, maybe since November.  Anyway, Shuff (typo and it stays) is happening and I’m stoked.  You should be too!  In the order populated by my brain: With Me Now is now available in paperback! No ebook reader?  […]

Finishing my novel and partying like it’s 2012

Happy New Year!!  What’s up 2015? So, this happened: I finished my next historical novel, Since April!  The stats are in: Finished at 9:05am 12/29/2014 371 pages 108,080 words (pattern power!!) According to Word, my total writing time was 21373 minutes.  Which….is horrifying. Since April has firmly established itself has my longest novel yet.  There was […]