In which plans got changed and I went on an adventure

I’ve been meaning to blog about our artillery event not happening, but two things have kept me busy: I’m frantically working on the Steampunk/paranormal I’m co-writing with Rebecca Hamilton (I’m typing until my fingers wear down to the bone–the BONE, guys) and One Direction is taunting me with some kind of musical foreplay by releasing […]

Awkward and charming scheduled a book release party!

Poised and elegant weren’t available that weekend. Somewhere in that dreamy middle ground between “what should I have for lunch?” and “oh look, only thirty-three years left to go until I can retire” lies my book release.  Book release!  Ah, what better stage to showcase my awkwardness and ability to trip over a completely flat, […]

The Missing Stairs OR My hour and a half as an archeolgist

It pains me to say it, but this year marks ten years since I graduated from college.  It was 2004 and my hair color was currently blonde.  I was convinced my fresh, magna cum ladue graduating, 3.93 GPA Communications Bachelor degree with a specialization in corporate communications was going to promptly lead to a job […]

Halloween at the Heights: Artillery in Harpers Ferry

Firmly on the other side of the government shut down (ahem, for now) and before the government sequester sets in (sorry Sesquicentennial 2014), this past weekend was our annual jaunt to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia for Artillery Weekend. Let me rephrase.  Artillery Weekend! Taking a step backwards, this weekend I learned that the rumored government sequester (or as […]

Apparently I shouldn’t write paranormal fiction. I keep scaring myself.

The worst part of the above statement is that Random Contemporary isn’t even to the “paranormal parts” yet.  No, I’m on Chapter Four.  It has nothing to do with anything yet. Despite this fact, I had to get up at the crack of dawn yesterday for Day Job.  In fact, the “crack of dawn” wasn’t […]

Harpers Ferry: An “abominable” little town. And I love it!

After I graduated college and The Hubs came home from deployment, we volunteered with the living history department at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.  We did living history, we did archaeology.  We ate delicious barbecue at Red Hot and Blue!  We got a hamster. I’ll be honest.  When The Hubs interned there in college, I had […]

Drying pee stains and other horrors of Vacation’s End

Real life has given me a swift kick to the face and it’s back to “life as we know it.” I’m exhausted. Literally, exhausted. Exhaustion Example 1: I went to remove my eyeliner tonight, only to find myself reaching for the toothpaste. And it took me several moments to figure out why this wouldn’t work. […]