With Me Now is in paperback! And I’ll sign it for you 8/21!

I know, right? I’ve been in some kind of Harry Styles coma for the past, like five days.  Okay, maybe since November.  Anyway, Shuff (typo and it stays) is happening and I’m stoked.  You should be too!  In the order populated by my brain: With Me Now is now available in paperback! No ebook reader?  […]

That moment of exhaustion when you become a published author

You know that look Olympic torch runners get, just as they’re starting to approach the Cauldron, preparing to the light the flame that will shine over the “We get along so well!” best two weeks of television sports coverage/don’t call me because I’m watching the Olympics moment of epic-ness? That’s the moment I’m envisioning I’m […]

Apparently I shouldn’t write paranormal fiction. I keep scaring myself.

The worst part of the above statement is that Random Contemporary isn’t even to the “paranormal parts” yet.  No, I’m on Chapter Four.  It has nothing to do with anything yet. Despite this fact, I had to get up at the crack of dawn yesterday for Day Job.  In fact, the “crack of dawn” wasn’t […]