Writing in the writer’s cave: the musical!

I’ve been avoiding the Internet like the plague (drinking gold and wearing elaborate masks and such) in order to finish All I Desire.  And it’s done!  And submitted to the publisher!  Yay!  The Lazarus Society Trilogy: two down, one to go. Now I’m stumbling around like Gollum, unfamiliar with human interaction and squinting. The light! […]

Finishing my novel and partying like it’s 2012

Happy New Year!!  What’s up 2015? So, this happened: I finished my next historical novel, Since April!  The stats are in: Finished at 9:05am 12/29/2014 371 pages 108,080 words (pattern power!!) According to Word, my total writing time was 21373 minutes.  Which….is horrifying. Since April has firmly established itself has my longest novel yet.  There was […]

And we have our first rejection: Let’s rip that bandaid right off!

So, the first submission is a rejection. Therefore, the slogan of today is: Accept failure as part of the process. The one thing I am curious to is: was it the writing or the query that was bad?  Or was it “good” and just “not good enough?”  Alas, that’s the rules of the game, apparently.  […]

My author bio might need some work. That said: I’m drawing a blank!

And when I say might need some work, what I mean is really needs a complete overhaul. Maybe not so much my “About Me” page.  I put legitimate effort into that.  Not that I don’t put legitimate effort into everything (Okay.  Most things.  95% or so of the time).  But I sat and thought long and […]