Guest Post: The fabulous Jane Kerrion talks about writing a series

Jane joined us earlier this year (check out the post here) to spotlight the Double Helix series and I’m stoked she’s kind enough to join us again to discuss writing a series.  I’ve been thinking about writing a series or trilogy, so her guest spot couldn’t have come at a better time! SERIES: To Be or Not […]

Double Helix, Triple Threat: The Story Behind the Cover Art with Jade Kerrion

I’m super excited to have a special guest today, Jade Kerrion, award-winning author of the Double Helix series.  She’s here to talk with us about cover art, which is actually something I’ve been thinking about since…okay, since I started my novel.  If you’re here for the MFRW Blog Hop, click here!  If you’re here to […]