I’m going to rock you like a gravel road: A weekend at Monocacy!

I have a confession.  I don’t wear underwear when I do Civil War living history. No, instead of underwear, I wear period correct split leg drawers that come down to my knees.  There was this deliciously bizarre moment this weekend when the guys were pulling up their trousers comparing socks and drawers and I was […]

Well, it looks like this will be happening: And preparation for Monocacy begins

I am notoriously bad at being outdoors. As an example of how I poorly I function in a non-artificially lit environment, I submit to you following experience: when I was, oh, let’s say around nineteen years old, The Hubs (who was then just The Boyfriend) invited me to his friend’s hunting camp for the weekend, […]

Return of awkward bodice sunburn: A weekend at Gettysburg!

Quote of the weekend: “Hey John, tell them about the time you caught on fire.” Second quote of the weekend: John: “It actually happened twice.” Pollen spores were the name of the game in Gettysburg this weekend.  The Hubs had some kind of violent, pollen/grass/spore/whatever induced reaction and we had to leave the artillery event […]

Halloween at the Heights: Artillery in Harpers Ferry

Firmly on the other side of the government shut down (ahem, for now) and before the government sequester sets in (sorry Sesquicentennial 2014), this past weekend was our annual jaunt to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia for Artillery Weekend. Let me rephrase.  Artillery Weekend! Taking a step backwards, this weekend I learned that the rumored government sequester (or as […]

Awkward bodice sunburn: Three days at Gettysburg

What a week!  Let’s talk keywords: Yankees with caterers Out of control bicyclists Artillery barrage Near death from 110% humidity and tight corsets The incredible media Curleys! I’m going to be honest right off the bat.  I made it one night–one night–sleeping on the battlefield.  We slept in the back of our SUV, which was […]

Wait, historical fiction is doomed? When did this happen?

So last night, instead of doing something constructive, like washing dishes or vacuuming, I was perusing articles on Dear Author.   Admittedly, it’s a site I’d never visited before.  So.  You know, there was the urge to get “caught up.”  An article from May 7 caught my eye: “We should let the historical genre die.”  You can read […]