With Me Now is in paperback! And I’ll sign it for you 8/21!

I know, right? I’ve been in some kind of Harry Styles coma for the past, like five days.  Okay, maybe since November.  Anyway, Shuff (typo and it stays) is happening and I’m stoked.  You should be too!  In the order populated by my brain: With Me Now is now available in paperback! No ebook reader?  […]

Inquiring about book tours: And still, no one cares about my GPA.

When I was a youngster and in my senior year of college, I reflected upon my GPA and how the stupid B- in Macroeconomics ruined it.  Mathematically, I couldn’t raise my GPA any higher, no matter how hard I worked.  Farewell, dreams of Summa Cum Laude.  I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a GPA of  3.93 and […]

The one where I built an author website…and then didn’t upload it.

This weekend, we had The Preschooler’s 4th birthday party (he officially turns four next week) and, honestly, I’m exhausted.  He decided he wanted a strawberry birthday cake and, in what seemed like a good idea at the time, I let him pick what cake picture he liked on Pinterest for his cake.  He picked a […]

Huge error in book buying judgment: Enter the Epic Fail.

I think I made a colossal misstep. So, when we were milling about the gift shop in the Gettysburg Visitor’s Center, I rummaged around the (surprisingly) small historical fiction section.  Several books caught my eye, oddly enough one of which was Gone With the Wind.  I resisted.  I picked up another one that sounded interesting, […]