Ain’t no party like a preorder part, ‘cuz a preorder party don’t stop.

Well.  I mean, for now. So, before we launch into my “there’s no way this can go wrong” segment of the blog, I just wanted to send a massive shoutout to all of you who supported DARK FATES, especially those who snagged a copy to check out my book, MARKED.  Because: I am NOW a […]

Double Helix, Triple Threat: The Story Behind the Cover Art with Jade Kerrion

I’m super excited to have a special guest today, Jade Kerrion, award-winning author of the Double Helix series.  She’s here to talk with us about cover art, which is actually something I’ve been thinking about since…okay, since I started my novel.  If you’re here for the MFRW Blog Hop, click here!  If you’re here to […]