If today had a theme, it would be gluttony: Glutton for punishment, glutton for kielbasa

Mother of God. I ate so freaking much today, it’s not even funny. So, I’ve been doing Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred.  I’m doing this for two reasons: 1.  I make delicious donuts and always eating approximately one more than I should, and 2.  I have fat upper arms. Maybe it’s not so much “fat” […]

The first baking fail of 2013: The things I do for my novel

In my continuing effort to be historically accurate, I did some research on desserts popular in the 1860s. You know, for basically one sentence in my novel. I stumbled upon a cookbook from 1861, The Book of Household Management. “Well, perfect!” I said. “Manuscript takes place in 1862.” One of the tastier sounding dishes was […]

Haunted by family history. And then I baked some more.

Having survived the zombie Mayan apocalypse, or whatever it was that was supposed to happen, a girl’s thoughts turn to Christmas. And the fact it’s, well, tomorrow. The Hubs has a membership to ancestry.com, which started out as a trial membership that he “forgot” to cancel. He’s been digging in the deep recesses of our […]

There’s Got to be a Morning After

Predictably, prime time was empty without the usual Olympic coverage.  It’s a hard adjustment, let me tell you. But hey, here we are.  Seventeen days and one fantastic closing ceremonies later (Scary Spice got FAT), I realized with notable horror that the next time the Summer Olympics roll around, my children will be six and four.  I’ll be celebrating […]

And from this week’s Good Time Department: Ryan Lochte and cupcakes

So, I’m on Pinterest. My mother said, “Like you need more social media in your life.” Truth.  I tweet.  I blog.  I tried to Triberr, but Triberr hates Internet Explorer and refused to work and I refused to put further effort into it.  But Pinterest!  Pinterest is just mindless enough to delight me.  I see.  I like.  […]