I’m going to rock you like a gravel road: A weekend at Monocacy!

I have a confession.  I don’t wear underwear when I do Civil War living history. No, instead of underwear, I wear period correct split leg drawers that come down to my knees.  There was this deliciously bizarre moment this weekend when the guys were pulling up their trousers comparing socks and drawers and I was […]

Halloween at the Heights: Artillery in Harpers Ferry

Firmly on the other side of the government shut down (ahem, for now) and before the government sequester sets in (sorry Sesquicentennial 2014), this past weekend was our annual jaunt to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia for Artillery Weekend. Let me rephrase.  Artillery Weekend! Taking a step backwards, this weekend I learned that the rumored government sequester (or as […]

Ain’t no party like an Antietam party,’cuz the Antietam party don’t stop!

Well, we got to Antietam around 9:30am and it was already almost 80 degrees out. This is not something that brings joy to the hearts of individuals about to dress in wool. The baby and I were also not excited. Well, the baby was not excited because I slathered him in sunscreen and forced him […]