And then this happened: My novel’s cover art is HERE

Sometimes I think the notion of “being a published author” hasn’t firmly settled in my brain yet, you know, somewhere between the official name of a Civil War Napoleon (Model 1857 Light Gun 12 pound Howitzer) and the lyrics to the song “Cows with Guns” (We will run free with the buffalo or diiiiiiiiiie).  Yet […]

Stand back: I’m posting my fiction. Short story “With My Face to the Enemy” is live!

Here on The Rambling Jour, I’ve posted a lot of things.  I’ve posted pictures of myself in an 1860s corset (here).  I’ve blogged about a coworker’s nipples getting caught in a revolving glass door (here) and the horror that was scheduling a gynecological exam with Hot Doctor (here).  And, I talk a lot about writing. But […]

Drying pee stains and other horrors of Vacation’s End

Real life has given me a swift kick to the face and it’s back to “life as we know it.” I’m exhausted. Literally, exhausted. Exhaustion Example 1: I went to remove my eyeliner tonight, only to find myself reaching for the toothpaste. And it took me several moments to figure out why this wouldn’t work. […]