Ain’t no party like a preorder part, ‘cuz a preorder party don’t stop.

Well.  I mean, for now. So, before we launch into my “there’s no way this can go wrong” segment of the blog, I just wanted to send a massive shoutout to all of you who supported DARK FATES, especially those who snagged a copy to check out my book, MARKED.  Because: I am NOW a […]

Writing in the writer’s cave: the musical!

I’ve been avoiding the Internet like the plague (drinking gold and wearing elaborate masks and such) in order to finish All I Desire.  And it’s done!  And submitted to the publisher!  Yay!  The Lazarus Society Trilogy: two down, one to go. Now I’m stumbling around like Gollum, unfamiliar with human interaction and squinting. The light! […]

And now I’m on vacation. The writing will now commence.

This is the face of someone who is now on vacation. And that’s my cool new t-shirt. This weekend marks eleven years of wedded bliss (stop laughing, that’s a mostly serious comment) so The Hubs and I are, eventually, on our way to Gettysburg for our first reenacting event of the season/anniversary bonanza.  Until then, […]