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2015-10-25 13.50.52I’d love to hear from you!

Questions?  Comments?  Witty repartee about history or Harry Styles?  Drop me a line!

I used to be pretty out of control with social media.  I have Twitter.  I had SnapChat for a hot minute, but am clearly too old to see the enjoyment.  I need a lot of filters to mask the fact I’ve been tired since 2010.

These days you can mostly find me on Pinterest, pinning a billion cake recipes, hilariously inappropriate e-cards, tattoos I want, and (when I forget to pin them to my secret boards), pictures of Sebastian Stan.  And Styles.  And Tom Hiddleston.  The list goes on and on.  I also LOVE Instagram!  Sharing selfies?  YES!


Email: heatherhambelcurley(at)yahoo(dot)com


Twitter: Heather_Curley

Instagram: curleywriter

My Agent: TZLA Literary and Film Agency

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