Unexplainable Food Oddities (Alternate title: When Baked Goods Attack)

So, as I took my socks off tonight, in preparation for my workout, a hunk of Oreo cookie fell out of my sock and onto the floor. This….this is something I can’t actually explain. Now, I’m the mother of a Toddler and an Almost-Toddler.  I’m used to finding used tissues or chewed up crayons in […]

Old Timey Ham Sandwiches: A recipe post. I know, I’m shocked too.

With apologies to my mother on the post title. Once upon a time, The Hubs decided he hated barbecue chipped ham sandwiches. Namely, he hated the Isley’s barbecue sauce. And let me tell you, around here, that’s sacrilegious. So, my mother–a fan of chipped ham–dug into the depths of her recipe vault and pulled out […]

If today had a theme, it would be gluttony: Glutton for punishment, glutton for kielbasa

Mother of God. I ate so freaking much today, it’s not even funny. So, I’ve been doing Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred.  I’m doing this for two reasons: 1.  I make delicious donuts and always eating approximately one more than I should, and 2.  I have fat upper arms. Maybe it’s not so much “fat” […]

I’ve hit the editing wall: In retaliation, I made donuts

As we once again brace for the Snow-pacalypse, I’ve officially gotten bored with editing. Yeah. I knew it would happen eventually. I think I’m overfamiliar with my book. My brain is like, “Yeah…I’ve read this before. And it pretty much sucks.” Sigh. This morning I made homemade glazed donuts for breakfast in an attempt to […]

Editing with a side of cupcakes. And Nutella. And chocolate.

I’m stressed this week.  Already. But hey, I’ve been trying to set aside my eternal pessimist attitude and adopt a more optimistic “hey, there’s half a candy bar left!” kind of attitude.  Let’s make this a “compliment sandwich” kind of rant.  Because, you know.  The depressing is always easier to digest when it’s a) presented […]

Today has been filled with writing and uncooked rice. Odd but true.

So I decided to make jambalaya today. Actually I was going to make it yesterday, but due to an overwhelming amount of leftovers in the fridge, we decided to have what I like to call Wild Card Night. An eating free for all. Lots of food was consumed to make room for this week’s leftovers. […]

The first baking fail of 2013: The things I do for my novel

In my continuing effort to be historically accurate, I did some research on desserts popular in the 1860s. You know, for basically one sentence in my novel. I stumbled upon a cookbook from 1861, The Book of Household Management. “Well, perfect!” I said. “Manuscript takes place in 1862.” One of the tastier sounding dishes was […]