On Tap Tuesday!

What’s on Tap Today?

Today PE Kavanagh brings us an entire set!  Take it away, my friend!

Friends & Lovers: Books 1-3

Where to buy: books2read.com/friendsloversbox

Powerful families.boxset1
Lifelong friendships.
Shared history. 

Ambition. Betrayal. Desire.

The King, Barrett, Winston, and Moreau families left indelible marks on their communities. In technology, in politics, in crime.

The new generation of siblings, cousins, and friends are now adults and something strange is happening to their previously simple relationships.

Friendships are tested, promises are broken, and no secrets remain buried.

Follow these interconnected stories of loyalty, betrayal, love, and desire…

·      From righting the wrongs of their families to creating their own world-changing legacies…

·      From Soho to Silicon Valley to Congress…

·      From the blissful ignorance of youth to the powerful claims on their own futures.

Meet them all:

Camille Moreau and Jackson King in COLLECTING SECRETS
Ramona Barrett and Lucas Winston in COMING HOME
Jenna King and Connor Barrett in CLAIMING POWER

Each of these steamy, standalone novels contains characters who reappear throughout the series. For the best immersive experience, I recommend reading them in order.


PE KAVANAGH has been a professional dancer, MIT-educated engineer, corporate executive, spiritual teacher, and chef. These days, her favorite titles are author, mother, and hot stuff. Find out what she’s up to at pekavanagh.com.

My go-to drinks:

During writing, it’s hot, black coffee and room-temperature water.
After writing, hand me a glass of champagne and we’ll be good friends!
Thanks for joining us, PE!!!  Bottoms up!!!

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