Who is Lady X?

I have done a thing.

The Rowdy Boys have been suggesting (and when I say suggesting, what I mean is NAGGING) me to start a YouTube channel. Because…I’m not sure; probably because:

  • They have publicly made it known they want their own channels
  • They are obsessed with YouTube videos and vloggers
  • Know I’m vain enough to not mind videoing myself (“Mo-oom, stop taking selfies!”)

And so here we are.

This weekend, The Hubs and Older Son (I asked if I could call him Captain Joe

A break in filming so I took a selfie. Because of course.

Charbonaux but he declined) went to Gettysburg because, clearly, anything I’m going to do is going to start there (examples: my first novel, With Me Now, and The Hubs).  And from that, something was created.

Her name is Lady X.

And she’s kind of a mystery.

I have absolutely no idea where this is going.  I mean, I know what my original plan was for it.  Needless to say, that changed and morphed and it completely took the reins and did its own thing once we started filming around Gettysburg.  Right now, it’s a vlog series.  Channel?  Whatever.  Could it be a book series too?  Possibly…..quite possibly.   Also, side note?  Filming a vlog was terrifying.

So, who is Lady X?  She’s a mystery.  But she’s left us clues to solve it….

Check out the video–and my shiny new YouTube channel!–here!



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