Shameless self promotion and book deals galore!

As I was scheming new book ideas, scheduling blog posts, and wrangling my arch-nemesis Twitter/scheduling tweets, I realized I really abuse the exclamation point.  I’m just SO peppy when it comes to BOOKS!  Case in point: the Rowdy Boys had their ‘back to school nights’ this week and The Hubs had to practically carry me out of Older Son’s classroom.  He’s in third grade and the books in their classroom book nook…..lord.  Bunnicula.  Harry Potter.  Percy Jackson.  The Babysitters Club.  I was geeking out.

And we all know that it’s not Jeopardy.  It’s JEOPARDY!!!!!

Anyway, CLAIMED is out and about this week.  Even my mother read it!  There are few giveaways and book deals going on right now–not just for CLAIMED, but for other authors as well.  You can enter to win a free Kindle OR you can check out almost one hundred books on sale for $0.99!  Hot dang!


September 6-12

If your wallet is feeling the pinch, but you’re looking for some awesome new reads, visit our special 99 Books @ 99 Cents Book Fair. Almost 100 books ON SALE in all genres, 99@99GiveawayGraphicromance, sci-fi and fantasy, paranormal romance, historical romance, romantic suspense, mysteries, thrillers, and more. All books less than a buck!

Plus, check in daily for a chance to win Amazon gift cards or play instant ebook giveaways for one of 12 books being awarded to lucky winners each day.

Look for Books from Your Favorite Authors!

Alexa Aston • Alexia Adams • Alicia Dean • Alina K. Field • Allyson R Abbott • Alyssa Breck • Amanda Tyler • Angel Lawson • Angela Sanders • Anna Hub • Anna Santos • Anne McClane • Anne Stone • Aubrey Wynne • Aurora Springer • C L McGrath • Caitlyn Lynch • Candace Blevins • Cara Marsi • Carlyle Labuschagne • Casi McLean • Cate Tayler • Cecelia Mecca • Charmaine Ross • Cherie Claire • Christi Barth • Colleen L Donnelly • Constance Phillips • Crystal Dawn • Debbie White • Debra Jess • EG Manetti • Elizabeth Rose • Emily Selby • Erica Ridley • Gemma Snow • Grace White • Heather Hambel Curley • Iris Blobel • J. Rose Allister • Jacqueline Diamond • Jacquie Biggar • Jayelle Morgan • Jeanne St. James • Jennifer Allis Provost • Joan Reeves • Joanne Dannon • Jody A Kessler • Kallysten • Karen Michelle Nutt • Kathryn Knight • Kayelle Allen • Keke Renee • Kim Carmichael • Kristy Tate • L.E. Harrison • Lara Ward Cosio • Laura Scott • Laurel Black • Leeann Betts • Lindsey R. Loucks • Liz Long • LJ Swallow • Lori L. Robinett • M.C. Cerny • Marianne Rice • Marlow Kelly • Mary Abshire • Meg Ripley • Mila Young • Morgan K Wyatt • MV Ellis • N.D. Jones • Naomi Bellina • Natalie Ann • Rachell Nichole • Rose Pearson • S K Gregory • Sherrie Lea Morgan • Siera London • Sotia Lazu • Stephany Tullis • Susan Jean Ricci • Suzanne Jenkins • Tamara Ferguson • Tina Fausett • Tracey Cramer-Kelly • Tracy Krimmer • Victoria Saccenti • Aileen Harkwood

September Book Fair


Enter to win a Kindle Fire!

You also can vote for your top three favorite covers in the book fair.  The authors who win receive a special prize!


September Romance Ebook Giveaway

September Romance Ebook Giveaway–things.html

Head on over to Constance Bretes’ site and check out her News & Things section.  Scroll down near the bottom and enter the Rafflecopter for your chance to win!


Completely unrelated: I am currently obsessed with the PS4 game Uncharted.  Do I want to actually play it?  No.  I’m terrible at video games.  I just want to go on fabulous pirate adventures and write about this mossy, mysterious world.  Add that to my ‘To Write’ list, ladies and gentlemen.  #pirateprincesswannabe


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