Plans? Ha, where we’re going we don’t need plans.

As part of my “relaunch,” I’m trying to come up with an actual calendar of blog material or ideas or topics….or something.  A plan, you might say.  Or at least, a loose set of guidelines to kind of prompt me in the right direction.

You know, I’m training for my second half-marathon, so one would think I have some kind of understanding of planning/scheduling/pacing.  But when it comes to writing, I don’t.

So, I panicked and bought like, seven new books.

book pileAnd then I had to buy another basket to house my current TBR pile because it’s taking over the house.  Personally, I think there are worse things in life.

Look, it even has a couple writing notebooks in it because–Pro Tip here–creatives should always sleep with a notebook by their beds.  Dreams make fantastic creative fodder.

Also, the Hubs and I broke the bed frame a couple weeks ago, so the mattress is super low to the ground currently and I can just roll right over to the TBR basket.  And as salacious as “broke the bed frame” sounds, regrettably it was just the snap of 70 year old questionable wood, not the over zealous frolicking of our middle aged bodies.

Fun fact: today marks seventeen years since we met each other.  Yay!  I was nineteen and he was twenty-two.  Now, we’re substantially older and when we stand up, it sounds like a thousand mousetraps going off at once.  So hot.

Anyways, so, here are the ideas I came up with:

  • First of the month writing update
  • Newsletter release the 10th of every month
  • End of the month what I’m currently reading
  • A weekly guest spot for other writers
  • Randomness and chaos in between that is my life, featuring everyone’s favorite Hubs, The Rowdy Boys, and my mother

And that’s about the extent of what I came up with.  Because in-between all this is Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (UGH, I’m so BAD at Twitter).  So, now I need/maybe need to also have some kind of rotation for those?  Like, more than just selfies and memes of Sebastian Stan?  Am I really that interesting?  The Rowdy Boys think I need a vlog on YouTube and LORD that sounds like a disaster just waiting to happen.

Deep breaths, Heather.

So, while I panic over what a hot mess a vlog would be, let me ask this: what kind of content would YOU like to see on here?  Like, should we have theme nights?  Freaky Friday?  Sebastian Stan Saturday?  Harry Styles Sunday?  Or Taco Tuesday?  Book reviews?  History facts?  Meal with My Mother Mondays?

Leave a comment with your ideas!  Meanwhile, I’ll be waiting for the mailman to deliver my next shipment of books……





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