The light! It burns us! (Coming out of the writing cave)

As of late, I’ve been not blogging and not social media-ing, because I’ve been either:

A)  In my writing lair, frantically writing and trying to meet a deadline that was up you know, two weeks ago, OR

B) Outside, running and generally complaining out the hills I’m running up.  Repeatedly.

I keep a daily journal….thing, that for jotting down important things (such as, but not limited to what workout to do that day, how many chapters I need to write each week to stay on track, when Harry Styles World Tour tickets went on sale; that sort of thing).  It started out as a bullet journal, but that took up an awful lot of time drawing lines.  So I ordered one and now I just write things in.  Fine.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been scheduling ‘blogging’ and ‘social media’ into there.

Until now.  *Crash of cymbals*

The Girl Who Runs


I have been, like, actually focused on keeping up with running.  I have an app—okay, like three apps–for a couch to 5K.  But not THE couch to 5K because I wasn’t willing to that much for an app.  Despite having done a bunch (I’m too lazy to get up and count) 5Ks, after The Broken Ankle Incident of January 2017, I’m trying to RUN ALL THE MILES.  Faster.  Stronger.  Less huffing/puffing up hills, that sort of thing.

You may notice that I’m wearing quite a bit of green.  That’s because I’m a member of the Hogwarts Running Club and, of course, I’m Slytherin.  Because no one here is surprised.

I’m now taking sweating to a whole new level, as demonstrated by my ability to offend myself with my stench post-run.  My first race since the 10K where I broke my ankle is just like, a week away.  I’ll be in New York City (!!!!!!!!!) for the first time.  New.  York.  City.

*crash of cymbals*

My apps have let my down the first two runs I’ve done, so I am unable to confidently determine if I’m running a better pace per mile.  Soooooo, I guess we’ll find out.  I did some sprint training  a few weeks ago and was at a 12mpm pace.  Yesterday, I did a little jaunt around a park, only to have my app SCREAM OUT, that I’d just run 7 miles at a 5.5mpm pace……which probably sounded really awesome to anyone who heard, but was really, really far from the truth.  Like, five miles off.  And a lot of minutes per mile off.  But it sounded good and as I sat in the shade of the tree, I laughed and laughed and deleted it from my running history because no.  I turn my nose up at reality most of the time, but not with running.  I manage my miles like my kids manage their Minecraft stats.  We are hard core, people.  Hard.  Core.

The Girl Who Writes

And I’m still frantically trying to reach my last, final, get this shit done Heather because then you can go run deadline.  I’m behind.  Because I was behind on the last book.  But after this one, I’ll have less deadlines and will be able to focus on not living my life in aIMG_7114 frantic pace (“Heather, get to the FINISH LINE!”).

In the grand “Things I need to work on with my writing” list, as taken from my journal/schedule/planner thing, we have:

  • Finish this novel
  • Reformat Marked and get on Amazon
  • Make Marked available as a paperback
  • Format Claimed for paperback
  • Make Claimed available as a paperback
  • Plot out fab novel idea I came up with while running the other day
  • Probably should update my website.

Also: must find time to complete my 40 hour work week and help coach Older Son’s pee wee summer baseball.

No, I’m not spread thin at all.

And, apparently, in less than a month, I’ll be celebrating the five-year anniversary of my 30th birthday.  Also known as, the six-year anniversary of my 29th birthday.  Also known as when I’m going to be trying really damn hard with coping at being 35.  Lord.

M e a n w h i l e, back at the ranch, I’ve decided next year I’m going to run a Ragnar race, which is two days/one night of running.  Boom.

Writing.  Running.  Reality.  I’m really only interested in two of these.  Sorry, reality.  But you’re far too overrated.




  1. Love the relaunch! It has been a delight to see you get your first contract, then enjoy successive books arriving at warp speed. Love reading about The Rowdy Boy and The Hubs. Just hoping they will not disappear nor will hilarious posts like your waxing story. I wonder if, in your spare time, you might consider writing a one woman show. Trust me, it will be a winner! And have you given up your love of the Civil War? Re-enacting? Enjoyed those posts, too. Yep, I’m selfish. Realistically, keep up your great work.

    1. Thank you SO much!!! Nah, we still re-enact, but The Rowdy Boys both have been playing baseball over both spring and summer (omg, t-ball…..uggggggh, that was horrific), so we haven’t had much of a chance to go out. We DID, however, go to the big reenactment in Gettysburg this year, so I’ll be writing about that!

      I’d have to get Anne Hathaway to play me in a one woman show, though—I get stage fright, haha. I remember getting SO WORKED UP before having to give speeches in college!!!

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