Ain’t no party like a preorder part, ‘cuz a preorder party don’t stop.

Well.  I mean, for now.

So, before we launch into my “there’s no way this can go wrong” segment of the blog, I just wanted to send a massive shoutout to all of you who supported DARK FATES, especially those who snagged a copy to check out my book, MARKED.  Because:

I am NOW a USAToday Bestselling Author!!!!  AHHHH!  And so I made this.

new banner

I did a lot of jumping up and down and, honestly, I’m pretty surprised I didn’t break my ankle again trying to do a backflip or something.  It. Was. Insane.

You may notice, in-between Marked and the paranormal that started it all, With Me Now (for those who have been here a long time, it was Random Contemporary), and Haunt, there’s a new book.  Claimed.

Commence the party.  Yo.

I went through this really weird phase when I was like, nineteen, where for a good three months, I said yo a lot.  Like, “What’s up, yo?”  I know, looking back it was dumb.  Those first few months of nineteen were a weird time–this strange, “I’m almost a person” point in my life, where most people do rebellious things but I just walked around and said yo a lot.

Yeah.  And then I got married like, two years later.

I’m much more rebellious now that I’m in my thirties.


THE PREORDER IS LIVE!!  And it’s here!  It took me some time because doing my taxes got in the way, but I finally figured out how to load the eBook for CLAIMED onto Amazon.  During the preorder period and for the first week the book is released, you can buy it for $0.99.  YES!  Then I jack up the price because…I don’t know.  Reasons.

CLAIMED is Book Number three in The Isa Fae Collection.  It’s a stand alone, though, so (even though I highly recommend checking out my friend’s books), you don’t have to read the rest of the collection to understand what’s going on.  So, without further rambling:

Beautiful water nymph posing on rocksThe first time the world ended, she went into hiding.

The second time, she became a fugitive.

When war breaks out between the Western State and Regent’s Block, two North American political coalitions, Wren Richards is forced into hiding. Her father insists that, as witches, they have more at risk; more to hide. It is a time of division, of careful planning and preparation. They conceal themselves and their power, living on only what they can grow and create with their own hard work.

But then there is a break in the doldrums of normalcy: Wren is sent to fetch supplies in town. Her younger sister tags along—it’s a waste of time, a waste of energy.

And then the atomic bomb hits.

Everything changes.

Now Wren isn’t just a witch: she’s a survivor. A slave. A water seeker. A murderer. She and her sister are kidnapped and dragged to another dimension, a mirror of Earth, dying from nuclear winter. Energy is worth more than gold and harder to find. As witches, they’ll fetch a higher dollar at auction. Because as witches, energy can be sourced from their souls. 

The only person who can save Wren is herself.

And she’s just been sold to the highest bidder.

Check out Amazon for the preorder of CLAIMED, as well as the other books in the Isa Fae collection!  Click here.

In other news, I haven’t done a tremendous amount of anything lately, since I’ve been down in my little hobbit-hole writing.  And, doing my taxes.   Swooning over Harry Styles.  Basically everything I usually do, except I’ve been absent from social media because it’s too darn distracting.  Write the book, Heather.  Admire Harry’s pants another day.

Of course, I’d be lying if I told you that Harry Styles and his pants were not a contributing factor in the completion of CLAIMED.

I also haven’t done any running of late, mainly because of my fear of breaking my ankle again.  The Hubs and I had signed up for a race at the end of this month, but will have to bow out of it because it’s the same day as Younger Son’s first T-Ball game.  In fact, tomorrow is his first T-Ball practice and being the introvert that I am, I’m pondering if I’ll be the weirdest mom there.  My kid can fit in with anyone, but I’m weird and standoffish and quiet-until-you-get-to-know-me-then-I’m-chaos, and awkward.  It’ll be an extra deodorant/bring a book in case I get bored kind of night.


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