More, More, More

What’s up, 2017??

Having spent the last several weeks writing and watching the Year of the Reaper claim celebrity after celebrity (someone needs to keep Betty White in sight at all times), watched the ball drop in Times Square, drank too much, and drunk texted my Mother at 12:49 am saying, and I quote:

Wooooooooooo drunk text 2017!!!!!!

And included this picture:


img_6200-jpgThat’s pretty glamorous for a drunk text.  Well, as glamorous as plaid Mickey Mouse pajamas and a messy bun can be.

Speaking of Mickey Mouse, I’m on my way to Florida tomorrow to compete in my second runDisney! 5K.  Apparently when I signed up in August or whenever it was, I thought doing a 10K as well sounded like a great idea.  Here we are, now firmly established in 2017, and I’m hungover and just…..ehhhhh.  I’m basically the opposite of motivated right now.  But, I want my medals.  So I shall compete.

I’ll probably be walking  a lot of the 10K, but I ate a lot of cheese over the holidays.  I need to cut this flabbiness back a bit.

Also of note, we’re bringing The Rowdy Boys and my mother with us.  We asked the boys if they wanted to go see Mickey and Toy Story or Harry Potter and Jurassic Park.  They didn’t even hesitate and voted Harry Potter.

Seriously, twist my arm.

I didn’t make any real goals for 2017 and I never make resolutions because I’m easily distracted, but I did decide that my word for 2017 is More.  That’s it.  More.  Here’s a few mores I’m committing to achieving over the next 364 days:

  • More writing
  • More running
  • More adventures
  • More love
  • More laughing
  • More living
  • More water
  • More spending
  • More Healthy
  • More passion
  • More fun
  • More tattoos and piercings.

The Hubs was not amused with that last one.  He says that he, an Italian, is like a Ferrari.  You don’t put bumper stickers on a Ferrari.  Well.  I’m a Volkswagen Hippie Van.  And you put LOTS of bumper stickers on Hippie vans.


As for writing, I’ve got four books coming out this year–so far.  All four are paranormal.  And I’m excited to tell you that the first is in a collection of paranormal romance and urban fantasy authors, Dark Fates.  This crew is amazing and, not only that, but they’re all my author buddies.

My novel is titled Marked.  And, in the next few weeks, I’ll have a cover reveal.  In the meantime, though, feast your eyes on the set cover.



It’s now available for pre-order!  This is a limited edition box set, so once it’s done, it’s gone for good.

To the links!



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