Get to work, Heather. So, I drew a picture.

Here’s my best Michael Phelps after finishing the Harder Cider Race.  You’ll note I have IMG_5263two medals and that’s because I got one for running a 5K and the other for eating three donuts: one for every mile.  #winning

So, of late, I made a picture on the computer.  I pointed and clicked and published a picture.  The 21st century “I drew a picture” activity.

Ugh, promotions.  Promotions, people.  Fun fact: I had an internship with ESPN Radio in Pittsburgh when I was in college.  I rode in the St. Patrick’s Day parade, I met Ric Flair (and had no clue who he was, just confusion why everyone in the room was Woooooooo-ing), I saw children ice-skate away in horror when two ice-skating mascots slammed into each other and their heads fell off; I handed out a lot of free bumper stickers and ate a lot of free donuts.  I did not, however, learn how to promote my books.

Promotions can be really freaking expensive.  There are few things I’m willing to spend large sums of money on: I am willing to pay for good tattoos, good hotel rooms, and good shoes.  I’m not willing to spend a lot on wine, purses, concert tickets, or anything else because I like a bargain and better than a bargain is free.

So, validating spending a lot on promoting my book makes my brain sizzle.  And not in a good way like, say, “Anthony Ervin on Team USA Swimming is incredibly attractive and his tattoos and muscular arms are the best thing since popped corn–Popped.  Corn.  This may have been mentioned to, oh, lets say everyone I came in contact with during the entire 19 day duration of the Olympics.  And when I say may have, what I mean is: YES.


Traitor.Belle.SinnerSpy.I’ve become a Canva addict recently.  Here’s the promo I just made for Anything You Ask of Me.  Putting those old desktop publishing skillz circa Robert Morris College, 2001, to work.  Such things were easy to do during the Olympics, avoiding writing, watching at length commentary on Lochte-gate, etc.  I used Canva to make my newsletter logo, my Twitter logo, and my Facebook fan page cover.

Now, that’s innovation.

I have some book tours planned for both Anything You Ask of Me and With Me Now.  I just finished the sequel to With Me Now, so if you haven’t picked up your copy yet, now’s the time to do it.  Get geared up for the sequel and prepare to be scared.  I hope.


Also, if you haven’t signed up for my newsletter yet (snazzy graphic above to click on to join), I encourage you to do so.  Within the next few weeks, I’m going to be looking for 5 people who want a free book.  The offer is only good for newsletter subscribers, though.  Newsletter subscribers will also be the first to know about upcoming releases–and there’s an announcement coming soon about that.

Special shout out to everyone who went back to school this week (or last week).  Another year of me not being in school, so that’s depressing.  I bought myself some school supplies and that made me feel better.  Like I said before, I’ve jumped on the Bullet Journal train (you know, three years after everyone else) and am feeling pretty darn organized.  Which is why I’m blogging: There’s nothing more satisfying than crossing something off a list.

And, yes.  I’m the kind of freak who adds completed things to lists just for the satisfaction of crossing them off.  Boo-ya.




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  1. Thanks for the tip about Canva! I’ll look into it myself.

    And I, too, have started running – partly because I no longer fit into my 22″ corset. It’s just under 6k to the park and back, including the Hill That Shall Not Be Described. I know this… 🙂

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