Shhhh….upcoming project!

It’s pretty much shrouded in secrecy at this point.  Even I only have about three details so far.


It’s called Charmed Legacy.  It’s Urban Fantasy.  I’m an author in the series.

And that’s literally all I’ve got.

It’s totally secret and we’re only giving out information on an as needed/season finale-esq basis.  If you’re interested in Charmed Legacy, click the graphic above.  You’ll be added to the mailing list and, trust me, only subscribers get the best info, giveaways, and contests.

Meanwhile, there’s another special project I’m taking part in, but I’ve got a TON of info on it.  And, I can’t tell you any of it.  What I can tell you is that it’s coming soon.  It’s paranormal.  It’s all sex and the end of the world.  And more sex after that.

Stay tuned for more information on that one as well.  Both will be available in 2017.

IMG_5158Boy, I’m super secrety and elusive today.  I’ve been working my fingers to the bone (as you can totally see by this picture of me in a hammock), trying to finish up the sequel to With Me Now.  Which I wanted done in April.  I’m now at a juicy 62,000 words.  Only, what, 30,000 more to go?  Something like that.

In other news, I went down a slip n’ slide today for the first time in, oh, let’s say twenty years.  The Rowdy boys conned their way into getting it set up.  After my workout tonight, I went down to give it a whirl.

I very promptly remembered why I never used my slip n’ slide as a child.  There’s not a lot of fun to be had pummeling face first down a piece of plastic wrap over lumpy, bumpy ground.  I went on my knees a few times and then face first once.  That was terrifying.  Then I had to sit down for awhile because, you know.  That takes a lot out of old bones.

I’m thinking the probability of me ever bungee jumping probably decreased a bit today.

Okay, back to writing.  I’ve got to finish this book so I can move on to the next.  Be Prepared.  <—and yes, I did just sing that out loud like Scar from the Lion King.  That’s how I roll.


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