Official Author Photo: It’s for real!

It’s happened and it’s legit: My author photo is here!  Drum roll please!


Hello.  How are you?  Won’t you tell me your name?

This was from my day as a Top Model with Dragon’s Eye Photography (woot woot!) and Strasburg Railroad for October’s Steampunk UnLimited event.  I’m planning on going to Steampunk UnLimited, by the way, and if I do, this is what I’m wearing.  Because: Yes.

And, if Harry Styles, Sebastian Stan, or Chris Evans is reading this?  The answer is also: Yes.

I digress.  I’ve been fangirling a lot these days.  Shame/no shame.

Now that we can cross “Get Author picture” off the ever-growing list of To Do (the three gentlemen above are also listed on there.  Kidding, kidding.  PS-no, I’m not), I can now try and focus on finishing up the sequel to With Me Now, titled All I Desire.  My fingers have been flying, I’ve been living in this weird, must-get-it-finished-nothing-else-matters mentality–

–and then the Pittsburgh Penguins made the playoffs.

Organized sports and I have a poor relationship.  Namely, I’m bad at them and don’t enjoy them.  I used to play church league softball.  Was I good at it?  No.  I got one hit (on my 13th birthday) and the one catch I ever made was in self defense because I was terrified of getting hit in the face.  Also: it was slow pitch softball.

I get really excited during the Super Bowl (snacks! Commercials! Go team!) and when I lived in Ohio, I had an unhealthy obsession with Omar Vizquel and the Cleveland Indians.  I remember being 13 and Omar was like, 27, and I thought, OMG, 27 is soooooooo old.  Hahahahaha, to be 27 again.  Hilarious.

But, I’m a Pittsburgh Girl.  I love Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh is my hometown and you will NEVER be able to tell me there are cooler cities out there.  Because I won’t believe you.  And when it comes to Pittsburgh sports, I will fiercely defend them and I will cheer and jump up and down and get really, really excited and swoon over cute players.  Yes.

These playoff games have been intense.  In fact, here’s a list of the things I do during playoff games:

  • Scream “MURRAY!!!” every time the other team is anywhere near Pittsburgh’s net
  • Demand the Flying V as an offense maneuver
  • Feign surprise when the Pens don’t actually do a Flying V
  • Swoon over Carl Hagelin’s hair and general awesomeness
  • Punch the couch
  • Routinely forget overtime rules
  • Repeat, “Where’s the ref now, huh?” anytime a penalty isn’t called against the other team
  • Think Kessel, the common man’s hockey player, is awesome

In the end, I do everything but write.  I sit with the laptop on my lap, yes, but very little writing is actually accomplished.

So, I’m behind.

That’s okay, though!  It’s fine.  Actually, it’s not, because there are some pretty big things in the works (stay tuned because when it hits, it’s going to be cra-zay) and need to write like, three more books this month.  You know.  In May.

In other news, I’ve decided because I have sooooo much free time, I’m going to be a Beachbody coach.  Also: I buy Beachbody products/Shakeology anyway, so I might as well get a discount.  You can read about my fitness journey by clicking here.  It’s not too shabby.

Along those lines, irony showed her ugly face last night.  I do all this stuff getting ready to be a BB Coach and then, because it’s in the house I decided to have a piece of cheesecake.  Because who says no to cheesecake?  It’s pina colada cheesecake.  I cut myself a small, reasonably sized piece.

And then, as I turned to put the cheesecake back in the fridge, the springform pan bottom fell off and the entire cheesecake fell on the floor.

Coconut was everywhere.

I said, “Ohhhhhhhh….I.  Dropped.  The.  Cheesecake.”


Anyway, since my goal of finishing All I Desire was set for the end of April, I need to get to work.  Because I might be a wee little bit behind.





  1. I love you! LOLOLOL Saaaame about Chris Evans/Sebastian Stan. 😉 Heehee! And AWESOME author photo. One of these years I’ll get one and use one that’s not a selfie I took. 😉

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