This is not a drill: New Book Release!

Haunt coverJust when you thought you’d be stuck waiting for the sequel to With Me Now, I’m here to officially announce that, no, you’re wrong.

Take a gander at this gorgeous cover: My latest release, Haunt (cue triumphant fanfare).

Haunt is a sassy little mash-up: think Ghostbusters meets Gone With the Wind.  Adelaide is a resident of Harpers Ferry, Virginia and she has a secret: she’s one of the Six: six women in town who have the ability to send restless spirits to the next life.  They protect Harpers Ferry.

Death is not the end. Adelaide is used to battling souls, but when the Civil War begins, something evil wakes up. And this time, It wants her.

And guess what, kids, this is initially being released as a box set.  SO, that means, you’re not just getting Haunt, but you’re getting novels from nineteen of my writer friends.  Yes.  And if you want a visual for that, imagine us all creeping down an alleyway and snapping our fingers like it’s West Side Story.

Spoilers for my next blog post: I’ve been in the Southern Caribbean for a week.  So, I’m ashamed to say the pre-order offer for Paranormal After Dark is short lived at this point.  But go–now–and pre-order for .99 cents.  The set is being released February 14th.  Keep in mind: it’s limited edition, so I have no guarantee how long you’ll be able to pick up all twenty books in one set.

Ready to order: click here!

Fun fact: Haunt is the reincarnation of a book I wrote (deep breath, friends) twelve years ago called In the Presence of My Enemies.  I’ll let you in a couple secrets:

  • It was the first historical novel I ever finished writing
  • It was the first historical novel I ever tried to publish
  • It was terrible–the exclamation point abuse alone deserves some kind of award
  • It had the first sex scene I ever wrote.  This was also terrible and, as I revised this time, it was one big highlight/delete because, yikes.  Yikes.

So, if you like improved writing that doesn’t suck, sex scenes that make me blush, and ghost hunting in the 1860s, then check out Haunt.  I’m pretty much in love with it.

And since it’s a box set?  You also get 19 other paranormal novels from USA Today and Best Selling authors.  Win/win.

I’ve been a world traveler for the past few weeks: Orlando, Florida; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and the Southern Caribbean.  The Hubs and I went with our besties, Nick and Kelly, and let me tell you.  We had crazy fun.  Adventures!  Undersea walking!  Drinking! Karaoke!  Hairy chests!  More drinking!

Stay tuned.


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