It’s not Christmas until someone starts crying

Merry Christmas!  A day late!!

After a Christmas Eve filled of checking the Santa Tracker online (my kids: “Why did Santa stop?  Where’s Surinam?  Is Santa stuck in the chimney? If Santa has to pee, does he use people’s potties or does he stop at rest areas?  If Santa turns around, do the police stop him?”), yesterday was spent knee deep in cookies, meatloaf, Italian hard cake, and beer.  My kids were maniacs.

Actually, truth be told, they behaved and played together quite well.  The adults in the room marveled at each other, debating what kind of witchcraft was at work.  These boys are twenty months apart in age.  I’ve seen them have a fist fight over a stick.  And yet, here they were, angelically playing together and sharing toys and laughing and looking like The Perfect Children.

And then, sometime around four o’clock, the familiar shriek of, “No-that’s-my-toy-give-it-back-momma-he-took-my-toy-go-away-I-hate-you-aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!” rang through the house, followed by two crying children.

And then, it finally felt like Christmas.

blanketMy mother made me an exploding TARDIS quillow (quilt/pillow for those not in the know) and I spent a big part of the day huddled underneath it, despite the fact it was like, 60 degrees out.  And, yes, I put my lips all over Harry Styles face.  Happy Christmas to me.

Soooo, in writing news, I’ve got three main projects I’m working on right now.  All three are paranormal because apparently, that’s how we’re swinging for 2016.  Holla!  In no particular order, we have:

  • Super secret project!  Dun dun duuuuuuun.  Fun fact: I had to google information about the occult because I live a sheltered life.  Let me tell you, that’s an interesting way to spend Christmas Eve!
  • The sequel to With Me Now.  It’s the most “Empire Strikes Back” of books I’ve ever written.  Meaning, not that it involves an ice planet or “I am your father” moments, but it’s a bit darker and unhappy than the first in the series was.
  • A book based on a dream about haunted houses I’ve had since I was a teenager.  This one is out of control.

So, 2016 is shaping up to be crazy, writing wise.  It’s also going to be crazy as I attempt to work in more 5ks than I did in 2015 (challenge accepted).  So far, I’ve got one book signing scheduled for April.  That’s exciting.  And terrifying.

I’m so socially awkward.

And, in anticipation of a stellar 2016, I’ve redesigned my blog.  You know, in case you didn’t notice.  But, it’s all the same information just laid out cooler and with more giant pictures of my face.  Face!  Anyway, it’s all part of my devious marketing plan.  Which…well, I don’t actually have a marketing plan yet.  But I will.  In 2016.

Did you all see the Doctor Who Christmas episode last night?  Fabulous.  One of Capaldi’s best and one of the first where River Song didn’t piss me off.

I’m hoping everyone had a massively good Christmas!  It’s crazy that we’re less than a week away from bidding 2015 goodbye.  I accidently scheduled myself on, like, a three week vacation from work, so I’ll have plenty of time to write my annual New Years Eve blog post, in which I cause mass disappointment and shame by never actually meeting any of my New Year’s Goals (because I drink too much and don’t like to wear pants).  The writing and chaos continues from here.

If you need me, I’m drinking rum out of my One Direction cup and pretending it’s water.  #rumwriter

Paranormal princess.  Out.



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