Breaking news: I dance when I finish writing a novel

Well, this kid right here is due another tattoo, as I finished my fourth novel yesterday!  That sound you hear is me singing, “Eye of the Tiger” while maniacally dancing in the kitchen.  ‘Cause that’s what I do.

I’ve been on “random vacation” for the past couple days (meaning I had PTO to use before the end of the year—and, what’s that over there?  The end of the year), so I’ve been staying up late, refusing to wear pants, and working out at like, three in the afternoon.  It’s been a whole new world…or, a new/old world!  Like being in college!  With no responsibility!

And then the kids wake up.

And then my back account says, “Whoa.  Calm the fuck down.”

Anyway.   Over the past couple days, I finished up the book I’m co-writing with Rebecca Hamilton: a steampunk paranormal.  I wrote four chapters in two days which, for someone who doesn’t really have time to read an entire Pinterest description, is pretty freaking awesome.

Two things I currently love?  Steampunk.  Paranormal.

Soooo, with that in mind, I’m now plotting out my next novel which–surprise!–will be paranormal.  Yes!  You’re all super excited, I can tell.

For a hint, check out my current girl-crush: Lindsey Stirling on YouTube.  She and Pentatonix have a killer video called “Radioactive” which is on my jams list for when I write.

mugI’ll just be sitting here, plotting, and drinking tea out of this freaking awesome mug.  Yeah, it’s One Direction.  Yeah, it’s personalized.  In a reasonable facsimile of Harry Styles handwriting.  This is literally the best ten dollars I’ve ever spent.  You have no idea how bizarrely happy this silly mug makes me.

The Hubs has only admitted he “doesn’t entirely hate” 1D’s new song, “History.”  Other than that, he shuns my fanatic fan-girl attitude and generally runs in the other direction (he goes one direction, I go the other One Direction.  Hahahaha) anytime I come at him with a YouTube video.  Imagine his delight when the calendar showed up in the mail.

In other news, since I’ve been awful with blogging of late (I’ve been the Gollum of writing, holed up in a dark room, hissing at family members), on Thanksgiving my hilarious friend, Candy, and I ran in the Turkey Trot (I literally threw the turkey in the oven and dashed out the door).  I ran a turkey trotpersonal record of 38:21 which was markedly slower than the race winner, who ran like, a six minute mile.  Details.  So, there we were in the glorious city of Pittsburgh!  Right by a river and a beautiful yellow bridge!  We got passed by an awful lot of jogging strollers and people wearing turkey hats.  But, it was so much fun!  Seriously, I love running.  I’m slow.  I breathe heavier than I did when I was in labor.  Sooo much fun.  Next month, I’ll be running a race at Disney World!  Yay!  And then Hubs and I will promptly be leaving Disney World, because–LORD–it’s darn expensive to go to Disney World!  I can do better things than stand in lines for a hundred bucks a day and drink overpriced bottled water.  No.  Just no.

And, in other news, I’ve completely forgotten how to do algebra.  Older Son asked me (he’s in kindergarten) about an algebraic equation.  I tried to explain it and, after stumbling over myself for five minutes, finally said, “I honestly have no idea how algebra works.”  So, there’s that.

Well, cat, it’s time to wrangle my kids to bed and then make another cup of tea in my fancy One Direction mug before starting work on my paranormal.  I’m leaving you with a question: I’ve turned into this massive paranormal princess over the past year.  Since I have two finished historicals, should I be writing one genre under a penname?  Or just, you know, write them all under my actual name?  These are things I probably should have debated before, you know, I started publishing.  But it’s still a legit question.

And Paige Turner still is a pretty awesome penname.  Hahaha, it tickles me.



  1. I plan to put different genres under different pen names. Sound like you write enough to have a couple names going at the same time without your readers forgetting about you, so why confuse them? That’s my reasoning anyway. Of course, I also have kid lit in the works which I *really* want to separate from the adult stuff, so your pen name needs might be less drastic.

    Personally, when I finish a draft, I drink. I usually need it. Congrats to finishing!

    1. Thank you!!! I guess my genres aren’t so terribly apart? I mean, it’s either dirty historical sex or dirty paranormal sex. Hmm. This is probably something I should have given more thought to before actually starting up the whole “writing career!” thing. Oh well.

      I think I drank all the way through the draft (I’m in my Hemingway years). I’m going to try just drinking Arnold Palmers and energy drinks through my next novel and see what happens, lol.

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