I bought a journal and it’s not working out for me

Imagine with me, if you will, a glorious time called 1990.  I was in third grade, which was memorable for the following reasons:

  • I wore enormous pink, plastic glasses
  • It was the last year I had long hair until 1998 (what’s up Dorothy Hamill haircut, circa 1976?  Yikes)
  • I got lice (unrelated to the poor decision to go with the aforementioned Dorothy Hamill ‘do)
  • I met Sara, Rambling Jour regular!
  • I was somewhat of a kleptomaniac (if Justin Bovee is reading this, I stole your Cedar Point pen and I’m really, really sorry about that).

This was also the year that my grandma gave me my very first diary.


Let that sink in a minute.

As of today, twenty-five years later (shout out to Sara–hey, we’ve been friends for 25 years!) the diary still has an entire section of blank pages.  In fact, I think I wrote a four page concluding entry in 2002 or 2003 to summarize the fact I was now super old and totally in love with The Hubs who, at that point, was still The Boyfriend.

With that stellar track record, I was at Target the other day, buying cat food, and thought, “Hey, you know, you totally should start a journal and keep track of all these cray cray thoughts wandering around in your head.”

Sure.  Makes sense.

So, I shelled out $6.99 for a super cute aquamarine colored journal, with pictures of pencils on the front and a magnetic closure.  Let’s be honest: it had me with pictures of pencils embossed on the front.  Not to mention, I’m a sucker for notebooks and writing utensils.  I get waaaay too excited in office supply stores.

It’s literally still in the bag on my bedroom floor.

Not going so well with that whole journaling thing.  I mean with so much spare time….

….which, obvs, I don’t have.  Right now, I’m juggling three different writing projects (and–get this–all of them are paranormal.  No historicals right now!) and working on promotions for With Me Now.  By the time I’m done with that, I’m literally falling asleep in front of the computer.  I’ve turned into my friend Candy who, when we were teenagers and having a sleepover, would say, “I’m going to fall asleep now” as she was falling asleep.  Example: the other night I was eating a potato chip and talking to The Hubs and legit started to fall asleep.

No Bueno.

And, I guess, much as my problem was as a kid, I don’t know what to journal about.  My mundane life?  My crazy, Harry Styles/Steampunk/weird imagination?  I’ll be honest, I’ve been known to write story ideas in crayon on the backs of envelopes and I keep a notebook in the bathroom/by my bed just in case an idea hits me when I’m sleeping or in the shower or whatever.  But a journal.  Ehhh….I got nothing.

What do you guys journal about?  Story ideas?  Frustrations?  Scandalous opinions on certain boy banders?  I feel like everything that my brain generates turns into a novel/blog idea anyway.  Hmmm.

Here’s what I’m thinking of using it for, since apparently I’m less journalist and more…weird.  Maybe I’ll use it to write down one bizarre thought a day.  Something that’s completely random.  Example: today I’ve been thinking about blank and white striped corsets.  Journal entry.

This is turning into a fab idea.  Next thing you know, I’m going to be using this as blog prompts.  And then as fodder to help me get out of writer’s block.  And then, in another 25 years, I’ll blog about how I still haven’t finished this journal either.

Life goals, kids.  Life.  Goals.


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  1. Yeah, I had the same thoughts. Journal! Everyone (who is “everyone”?) says you should do it. So I got myself an iPhone/iPad/Mac app and set out to Do A Journal.

    Unfortunately, in mine there’s a distinct lack of long, introspective entries that will demonstrate to posterity the depth of my thought and the beauty of my prose. It’s more like one line: “Human sacrifice in the foundations for business success.”

    One thing I have discovered, though, is that because you can add keywords and photographs, it operates more as a journal/notebook/contacts list/photo album. So instead of collecting someone’s business card to gradually compost at the bottom of my bag, I snap a photo and add any further information. The app tells me where and when I made the entry (and what the weather was like and, if applicable, what music I was playing). Add a keyword or two, and I’m done. And because it’s on my iPhone, it’s always there when I want to write something down.

    So, it’s working. Kind of. 🙂

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