With Me Now book signing: Today! Come meet me!

Or just come grab a book mark, piece of chocolate, and don’t make eye contact with me.  Whatev.

coverSooo, after like….24 years of talking about being an author (I’d like you to imagine me as being a cool fourth grader, but no.  It was me and Sara, with our big glasses, on the teeter totter talking about writing), tonight it the night I’ll be starring in the role of Author.  Yes!  I have a box of books and book marks in the trunk of the car and I’m on my way to Gettysburg.

Well, not this second.  I’m wearing a One Direction shirt and Pittsburgh Pirates shorts and watching Madagascar.  And, yeah, my kids are outside.  Shame/No Shame.

I am so freaking nervous for tonight.

But look, hey, my social awkwardness aside, come out and join me!  Books are $15.  Chocolate and bookmarks are free.  There’s no charge for my awesomeness.  You can find the party at:

  • Adams County Winery, 25 Chambersburg Street, Gettysburg PA 17325

I’ll be the one sitting/standing behind a stack of books, giggling nervously.

Unless I get swarmed by hundreds of fans (doubtful) or one Harry Styles (hahahahaha, right), I’ll be live tweeting my nervous, sarcastic comments on Twitter.  Click here for the fun.

And, of course, expect pictures, an after action report, and the results of my first 5K tomorrow.  Or Sunday, because I’m going to the Gettysburg BrewFest tomorrow night.  Soooo…..yeah, there’s always the chance you won’t hear from me until Monday.

Tonight, though, tonight is the night!  I’ve already told The Hubs that we’re totally doing a whisper campaign via The Muppets Take Manhattan: I’ll sit under a glamorous picture of me and say “hmm hmm hmm” like Kermit and The Hubs will slink around crowds whispering, “Hey, did you see that girl over there?  That’s Heather ‘The Rambling Jour’ Curley.  She wrote that amazing book ‘With Me Now’!”

It worked for Kermit and Manhattan Melodies.  That makes it legit, right?

Seriously, though.  If you’re in the area tonight, stop by!  And if you’re not in the area, send positive thoughts/prayers/juju/whatev that I don’t trip and fall or spill something on myself.  Because you know, I totally threw caution to the wind and am wearing a white shirt.  And platform shoes.  Let’s hope it doesn’t turn out like that time I ate blueberry pancakes right before I pitched my novel to an agent and dyed my teeth purple.  That was fun.


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