Internal shriek of terror: 5 days until my book signing!

You know that part in “Ice Age” where all the Dodo birds are slinking forward and chanting, “Doom on you!  Doom on you!  Doom on you!”  Yeah, that’s what keeps replaying through my brain.  If there was a pie chart of things I’m nervous about for my book signing, it would include:

  • Nobody showing up
  • Millions showing up
  • Harry Styles showing up
  • Spilling something down the front of my shirt
  • Sporadic nosebleed
  • Laryngitis
  • Getting my hair stuck in a swing (as in swing set) chain and completely missing the book signing

I’m noting the last one because this happened to me in preschool.  So, it’s completely plausible.

paperbacksSo, mark your calendars friends because, as you know, on August 21, 2015, The Rambling Jour show goes live in Gettysburg for my first ever, book signing/release party extravaganza!  Join me at The Adams Country Winery (click here for directions) 25 Chambersburg Street retail location from 6p to 8p.  I’ll have free bookmarks and free chocolate.  Feel dismiss the whole “Strangers With Candy” vibe that last sentence kind of, you know, gave off.  Books, free bookmarks, free chocolate, wine, and witting repartee with your host, Heather Hambel Curley.  The Princess of Panic.  The Sassmaster Supreme.

Keep in mind: There are only 20 copies of my book that will be with me at 25C.  That leaves you only twenty chances to snag a copy and have it autographed by me, in Gettysburg.  So, for reals, get there early and strut right up to me.  Already have a copy?  Bring it!  I’ll sign it.

Local groupies: if you can’t make it out to glamorous Gettysburg, that’s okay because I’m going to get some stuff set up here too.  Let’s not panic yet (aka, leave the panicking to me).

Also fun: I’m going to live Tweet the book signing for my own amusement.  And that means exactly what you’re thinking: lots of sarcasm, wit, hilarity, and euphemisms.  Follow me here: Heather_Curley

Also, I’ll be hanging out at the Hard Cider Run (actually, I’ll be competing there because it’s my first 5K ever!!!) and the Gettysburg BrewFest, both on Saturday, so if you see me there, come and say hi!  I’ll give you a bookmark.

Needless to say, I’m nervous.  But then, I’m always nervous.  Which is why I’m medicated.  Anyway, so, if you’re around Gettysburg this Friday (or live around the area–Jeff, Verity, Scranton, Levi, and Karen, I’m looking at you), come out and say hi.  Buy a book.  Snag some chocolate and a bookmark.  Ask me to dance.  It’s going to be epic.

And if no one shows up, I’ll eat all the chocolate by myself, so it’s totally a win/win situation.


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