With Me Now is in paperback! And I’ll sign it for you 8/21!

I know, right?

I’ve been in some kind of Harry Styles coma for the past, like five days.  Okay, maybe since November.  Anyway, Shuff (typo and it stays) is happening and I’m stoked.  You should be too!  In the order populated by my brain:

  • With Me Now is now available in paperback!

No ebook reader?  No problem!  Evernight Publishing has released With Me Now in paperback.  Right now it is available by clicking here and next week it will be available on Amazon.  Sweet!  And, hey, do you want that signed?  Because…..

  • Book signing/release party/let’s get together, yeah yeah yeah!

On August 21, from (most likely) 6p to 8p, I will be live and in person at 25C Wine Shop in Gettysburg!  Come and drink wine with me.  Meet Rambling Jour regulars The Hubs, Sara, and Sara’s Hubs Jai.  Possibly my mother!  We’ll laugh.  I’ll be awkward.  I’ll have books to peddle and maybe you’ll be the lucky one person to show up and I’ll award you with a mug or tote bag.  Come on.  Join me!

  • I got a tattoo!  Again!

tat3It’s August, that time of year where a girl’s thoughts turn to all that empty space on her body and the need for another tattoo.  So, this happened the night before the One Direction concert.  Side note: I was not excited about the 40-something One Direction fan at the concern who repeatedly hit me in the tattoo with her boobs.  This was in no means thrilling for me.  I ended up having to invade Jackie’s personal space in order to avoid the ongoing boobage assault.


So, the tattoo is, obvs, a quill pen, an inkwell, and a quote.  The quote is actually a quote from Doctor Who (but you knew that, right?).  And actually pretty applicable to my life.  Hurray for third tattoos!  So, now I’ve got one on each from hip to ribs and my sea turtle by my belly button (you can kind of see it in the picture).

Of the three tattoos I have, this one was not particularly pleasant to get.  As in, I wasn’t sad when it was over.  I’m cold hearted and emotionless, but even this made me think “yikes.”  The Hubs asked me if I wanted to go somewhere at some time and I just babbled out “okay.”  I have no idea what I agreed to.  I have no idea what he said.  I’ll let you know when I get there.

  • I’m co-writing a book with Rebecca Hamilton and I’m so excited, I literally almost tumbled off my chair.

Also of note: I’m clumsy.  So, Rebecca Hamilton is the super awesome, USAToday Bestselling author of the Forever Girl series.  Her writing is amazing.  In fact, you should check her out here.  She’s friends with my girl Lindsey Loucks (who you should check out here) and we’re all agency sisters with TZLA.  She posted on Facebook that she needed a cowriter for a steampunk/paranormal series, to which I said, “Sign me up!”

And now it’s happening.

The only things I’ve ever co-written were reports in college (at which, I did not play well with others).  This, however, is so awesome!  I told her that she and I are like Peanut Butter and Nutella.  We go so well together!  Served best with a side of Harry Styles (sorry/not sorry)!

There’s definitely more on this to come, so stay tuned.  Steampunk?  Paranormal?  Yes.  And it’s amazing.

  • Newsletters.  Because I can’t get enough of me.

And neither can you!  So, I’ve been putting off putting a newsletter together for my writing because…well, until recently there hasn’t been much to say other than writing/rejecting/and salacious fan fiction denying (don’t ask what/where it is, because I’m not telling.  Most likely).  But now, it’s happening!  So, if you’re interested in an occasional newsletter from me, click the Contact Me tab above and fill out the form.  In the comment box, just type “Sign Me Up!”

Once I get a better process for that, I’ll let you know.

Okay, kids, I’ve gotta go write.  I’m juggling three projects right now and I just realized I have porkchop stains on my shirt.  Which is not hot.  Trust me, I’ll be hotter at the signing.  Or, at least, hopefully wearing clean clothes.


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