So, there’s some good news, and some bad news…

Remember on Family Guy when Stewie started his own business and gave Brian his first employee review?  He did a “compliment sandwich” you know, to soften the blow of a bad review?

Note: I have not had a bad book review on With me Now.  My sole review has been positive.

Anyway, let’s start with something positive!  On August 22/23, 2015, I’ll be in my favorite place, Gettysburg.  Here you’ll be able to find me:

  • Running the Hard Cider 5k
  • Drinking at the Gettysburg Brewfest at the Lutheran Theological Seminary
  • Traversing the battlefield with my BFF Sara and her hubs, Jai, and my hubs, The Hubs

What you will not find me doing, which is the bad news portion of the blog post, is having my book release party for Anything You Ask of Me.  Unfortunately, the release date for it has been pushed back to a date.  I don’t know what date.  But a date.  The publisher just told me this week, so I’ll keep you posted on the new release date, new release party, etc.  So, yeah, that’s a huge bummer because we’ve been sitting here together, for a long time, waiting to rock out to Anything You Ask of Me.

And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

So, in the other portion of the compliment sandwich, is that Evernight Publishing, the awesome publisher who’s handling With Me Now, has upped the game and getting me set up for a signing.  SO, this means, hurry on down to Gettysburg the weekend of August 22/23/24 and I’ll be cavorting about town: drinking, running 5ks, and signing books.  I’m going to try and get some promotional material for Anything You Ask of Me and have that for you guys as well.  Or, for Sara and Jai and The Hubs, if no one else can show up.  Stay tuned for pictures of me taking selfies on a ghost tour, carrying an Anything You Ask of Me t-shirt and carrying a With Me Now tote bag.  Hipsta’ please.

july2015In other news, yesterday was the 4th of July (we briefly raised a glass of tea to my British heritage and called it “Treason Day”) and our house, per the usual, celebrated our Independence.  I jogged because I have to up my running game from “no running” to “runner.”   I was completely bummed at having to cancel my release party and a book signing, but the run helped.  Look how pale I am.  I’m literally reflecting the light.  I am, however, very patriotic in red, white, and blue.

The Rowdy Boys, now 3 and 5 for those keeping score, have never been to see fireworks.  This is due to the fact my children are inherently introverted and find no enjoyment doing fun things like dressing up for Halloween, trick or treating, Easter Egg hunts, fireworks, etc.  This year, however, The Hubs and I put our collective feet down and hustled them off to the part for fireworks.

We arrived approximately two hours early.  This was in part due to the fact that we had nothing else to do and also because the time listed was 4:30 to 10.  So there’s that.

We scoped out a good spot, put down our towels, and kicked off our shows, ready to listen to the band (side note: there wasboys no band, just random singers, but I feel taking the opportunity to cite a Monkees song is a good opportunity indeed).  The Rowdy Boys then proceeded to steal a bat and a Frisbee from two separate families.  Well, they didn’t mean to; the actual ownership of all the bats, Frisbees, balls, two random Lacrosse sticks, and a hockey stick was pretty vague.  Anyway.  We wrangled them in.

Older Child actually really enjoyed the fireworks (he’s very into tanks right now).  I was excited because normally he’s horrified by loud noises.

Younger Child fell asleep.

So, that’s been my week.  This coming weekend?  Family reunion.  Next week?  The 4th anniversary of my 29th birthday (drink ’em if you got ’em, friends), the next week Wedding Extravaganza.  Not mine, obvs, but my friend Rachel, who I’ve known since she was born (I’m five years older).  Things will be busy.

In the meantime, I’m focusing on writing paranormal right now.  I’m nervous on the historical front, mainly because of all this recent backlash about the Confederate Flag and, honestly, it’s not a fun time to be a reenactor on either side of the field.  We’ll see what happens.

Oh, and remember: we’re still having that awesome little contest here on The Rambling Jour: if you read/review With Me Now by the end of July, you’ll be entered in a random contest to win a random gift.  I have three things you can pick from.  Be very excited.

Please enter. My mother doesn’t need to win AGAIN.


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