That moment of exhaustion when you become a published author

You know that look Olympic torch runners get, just as they’re starting to approach the Cauldron, preparing to the light the flame that will shine over the “We get along so well!” best two weeks of television sports coverage/don’t call me because I’m watching the Olympics moment of epic-ness?

That’s the moment I’m envisioning I’m having right now.

I’m also envisioning that there’s theme music.  I’ve narrowed it down to:

  • From This Moment
  • We Are the Champions
  • Champion (by RuPaul–I sing this in my head every time something good happens)
  • The Theme from Bonanza

Here’s what actuality would be playing if this moment had musical accompaniment:

  • Flagpole Sitta

With Me Now is now available for you and all your friends to buy.  Yes.  Oh, Random Contemporary.  Sniff.  I remember when you were a hilarious distraction from the seriousness of my other books.  Now, you’re a thing.

Shameless self-promotion: Click here to purchase With Me Now as an ebook.  I don’t know how to sign and ebook for you, but if we can figure it out together, I will.  And I’ll write something sassy.

banner 1Guys, this is the moment I’ve dreamed of!  I dreamed about this moment more than dreaming of graduating college or getting a driver’s license or getting drunk at the zoo (wait, what?).  Did I expect to be sitting here in a sports bra and my underwear after working out to p90x3?  No.  No I did not.

But here were are.

I did some research tonight on how to market and ebook or do a book tour and all that jazz (and all that jazz!).  Here’s what I got out of it.  Nothing.  Nothing!  Well, nothing that actually was useful to me.  Most of it required spending money on Facebook Ads (and let’s be honest, my Facebook fan page is pretty crappy) or lots of complex charts and diagrams and a sentence I misread as “show them your Taser” instead of “show them your talent” and I thought, wow, that’s really taking marketing to the extreme….

….So look, here we are on my blog.  I’ll show you my hand: I got nothing.  I’ve got no elaborate marketing plan for a blog tour and frankly, I’m relying on the kindness of my fellow authors at Evernight to host me for a “surprise, it’s my book!” tour.  But hey, I’ll make you a deal.  If you purchase With Me Now and leave a review of what you thought about the book on the Evernight site or on Amazon by the end of July, you can win an awesome prize.  In fact, I’ll let you pick which awesome prize you want.  People, you need to do this.  Somebody other than my mother needs to enter and win.  She’s getting an ego.

Seriously, I’m so excited!  I seriously hope you guys like With Me Now because I, though somewhat biased, think it’s pretty awesome.  Let’s party and do crazy things.  Book release day: It’s on!



  1. Add the Amazon link, Heather. I think it might help many of us who get sidetracked while in Amazon. Ooh, look a pretty new book over here…AND there’s another one over there…Just link us to your book. BAM! We buy it! At least I will…

    1. Added!! I couldn’t find it on Amazon earlier (possibly because I’m very, very easily distracted on Amazon–looks like I’m reading Orphan Train next) but it’s there now. Let me know what you think—I’m so excited to hear your thoughts!

  2. I will buy it and read it. You’re not on Goodreads yet – it’s apparently a good place to catch new readers. I’ve found some new authors there, so it must work at least a bit!

    The Taser would probably work. The thing is, you don’t Taser your potential readers. You Taser some luckless bystander, make eye contact with your potential readers, and then say “Read it or weep…”

    1. I am so exited for you to read it! Please do let me know what you think!

      I kind of want my author photo to have me brandishing a Taser like Indiana Jones and his whip. I’d be Pennsylvania Curley–sounds like an elderly ’49-er.

  3. Yeah. I just launched my fourth book. It stings like heck, but the fact is that almost no one cared and on the day after I released it I still had to get up early and go to my day job in order to pay the bills.

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