Buy links: With Me Now

As Book Release Day draws to a close, I’ve been a happy camper.  And for those who were wondering, today’s theme song turned out to be “Everything is Awesome” from The Lego Movie.  Everyone at Day Job who came to me with a complaint today got a ridiculously wide smile and a giddy, “But it’s Book Release Day!  Everything is awesome!”


A huge, HUGE thanks to those who left me sweet comments on Facebook, bought my book, or tweeted about my on Twitter!  I felt like a princess all day.

But, to the point: So, you’re interested in buying With Me Now?  You can use these links below:

Evernight Publishing


Don’t forget the challenge–buy With Me Now and write a review by the end of July and one lucky awesome reader/reviewer will get to pick of prize of their choice.  Yay!  Reviews are awesome!

And, in other news, a cat showed up on my back porch this week and today I took him to the vet, just to make sure he wasn’t the catalyst for the zombie apocalypse or something (Zombie Kittah!!!!).  I’m in love.  Happy Book Release Day, Kittah!!



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