Book Release Date: With Me Now

This is happening.

coverOn June 25, With Me Now is being published!  Yes.  YES.  Remember when With Me Now was just innocent Random Contemporary?  We laughed, we joked, we kidded how this wasn’t a thing and then it was a thing?  Well, no more talk.  This is legit happening, through Evernight Publishing, and let me tell you, I am stoked.

Here’s the cover.  Love.  It.

This is book one of The Lazarus Society which, pretty much, means I need to get my butt in gear and finish writing book two.  Now just to find extra time for this to happen (upcoming blog spoiler alert: A 5k or two.  Or three.  Are in my immediate future).

After, I don’t know, a century of submitting/getting rejection/crying/whining/swearing off writing/continuing to write, all of this is happening rather fast.  I mean.  I’ll have a published piece in five days.  Five days.

My goal is to revisit this moment of panic I’m having in, oh, a month or so, and say to myself, “Well, that wasn’t altogether unpleasant.”

In the midst of training for my 5k, working out with P90x3, working Day Job, being momma, and occasionally feeling up The Hubs, I need to figure out how to do a book release.  This is excellent.  This is going to show how well I work under pressure!  That’s like….a resume quality skill right there!

In all seriousness.  What should we do, guys?  What do you want to see?  Tell you what–let’s have a party or something on the 25th.  Sure!  We’ll have some kind of super awesome release party blog post…..thing.  Or maybe I’ll set something up on Facebook, once I figure out how to set something up on Facebook.  Maybe a giveaway?  Maybe I’ll post an excerpt?

Keep an eye out here for updates.  When I figure out what I’m doing, I post an awesome sauce Schedule of Events.  No pressure or anything.  No set up for possible failure, right?  Right.  Let’s do this!

Omg.  It’s happening!  That sound you hear is my joints popping and my knees crackling as I do my victory dance.  Jig, Jig, Jig.


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