So, this happened: News, updates, and let’s all go to the lobby

For reasons I can’t explain, the song “Let’s all go to the lobby!  And grab ourselves a snack!” has been in my head this afternoon.  Possibly this is due to the fact I feel anytime is a good time to proceed to the lobby and grab a snack.  These days, since I’m in a wedding in July (and we all remember what happened last time I was in a wedding…if you’re just now tuning in, see here and here) so I’m not in Diet Mode.  And Diet Mode means I’m working out 7 days a week and my snacks are carrot sticks.  I’m excited.  I’m now 130 pounds of coiled steel.


So, this just happened: I signed with an agent!  YES!!  Last month, I signed with TZLA Literary Agency, with the awesome Rossano Trentin.  I’m thrilled that he will be handling Since April because that book so near and dear to my heart.  I’m still trying to put my muse back together after that one (shout out to my girl Lindsey: sistas!!).  So, good things are in the works for Since April.  There’s a lot in the pipeline (side note: I’m throwing up in my mouths as I type that, because my crappy manager and my crappy previous job used to say that at our sales meeting every week but it seared into my brain) right now and I’m excited.  And terrified.  But mostly excited.  Upcoming blog spoiler alert: It’ll be the one where I beg you to come to my book release party.

snappysIn other news, part of the reason I’ve been silent (stop laughing, sometimes I’m a quiet person) of late is because I spent two weeks traveling for business.  It was work and it was exciting.  Diet Mode and I did not get along fabulously well during the two weeks I was away.  But look at this tasty little delight I was introduced to: Snappy’s Salads.  Evidently, you can only find Snappy’s Salads in the Dallas area.  Frankly, I’m willing to go back to Dallas for Snappy’s Salads and Edoko Sushi alone.  The salad to the left is the half Bam Bam.  No onions.  Edemame instead.

The deliciousness cannot be adequately explained.

We got lost….well, basically anytime we left the hotel, and literally the only way I found my way from the hotel to the office or the airport to the office was using Snappy’s Salads.  Not that the office didn’t have a legit address, but I didn’t actually know the address.  So, Snappy’s was not only my go to place for lunch, but also a beacon guiding me down the eight lane Dallas highways.  That’s how kids from Western Pennsylvania roll.

Update wise, I still haven’t settled on a new writing project and just keep bouncing back and forth between about three projects and flirting with another on the side.  I need to stop being so indecisive and just stop wandering around the room and actually write.  I’ve set myself a goal of getting mass quantities of writing done before the end of July when I trade in my slack time for my “no time to stop at pee” time.  Namely:

  • Summer Safari (zoo shenanigans!)
  • One Direction concert (mad lusting after Harry Styles; #sorrynotsorry)
  • Book Release Party Extravaganza starring me (panic at the vineyard!)
  • Maine Warrior Salute (supporting our troops and getting dirty in the process!)

And then it’s September and a girl’s thought’s turn to the dreaded annual New Year’s Eve post where I set myself up for failure.  Yeah!

Well, now that it’s near midnight, I’m hungry and need a snack.  No.  Bueno.  Time to go count out some carrot sticks.  If you need me, I’ll be weeping over the vegetable crisper and trying to avoid the enticing gaze of cheese (it’s been a loooong diet, kids).


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