With me Now book blurb: Let it begin!!! Let it begin!!!!

In the excitement of the moment, and in the midst of singing the theme song from Bonanza, I forgot to post my book blub for With Me Now.  Let’s remedy that now:

Evernight-FamilyMadison Monroe is an anthropology prodigy. She’s poised to graduate with a double major. She’s published in scholarly journals and archeology magazines. With limited field experience, the crowning jewel for her graduate school application is an upcoming dig in Normandy.

And she just got arrested for underage drinking.

Less than a month before she turns twenty-one.

Now, instead of taking part in her dream dig, she’s kicked off the crew and barely escapes academic probation. Her only option for her application is a routine archeological survey in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Once in Gettysburg, though, the “simple” dig isn’t exactly what it seems.  Madison can feel a presence watching her and can hear voices of the dead calling from the battlefield.  And, when she discovers a long buried secret at the Spangler Farm, she inadvertently sets off a chain of events that will put everything—including her life—on the line. (note: this is the unedited version)

I’ve also helpfully posted it on the About My Books page, though, these WordPress pages don’t scroll on indefinitely.  The next book that’s published means I’ll probably have to make new tabs for each book/series.  For now, I’m putting that off.  Because, yes, I’m lazy.

My recently finished historical, Since April, is getting rejected left and right.  Jeez.  If that’s not depressing and a swift, firm kick to the old ego.  For my thoughts and self-depreciating humor on that topic, see this post, the ever popular The Lament of the Rejected WriterHere’s a salacious rundown of some of the most popular reasons for rejections:

  • Pacing problems pulled (us) from the story
  • Secondary characters are too stereotypical
  • Characters need fleshed out
  • The main character is too unreliable a narrator to be enjoyable.

Yeah.  The last two don’t really gel and as for the last….yeah, I can understand it, but the main character is a drug addict with PTSD.  So, you’d expect her to be a hair unreliable.

And thusly, Since April gets shoved in to the old “stuff I’m not concerned about” at this point in time.  Maybe back to the drawing board with it?  It was emotional suicide writing it and took a lot out of me.  I don’t think I’m ready to face rejection on it right now because the old muse still feels too raw.

In other news, I’m starting the 21 Day Fix Diet/Eating plan tomorrow.  I’m excited!  It’s time to get in shape for the summer and while, argumentatively, round is a shape, my recent schedule shift to ten hour days is making a little, well, thick in the hips.  I don’t really want my tattoos flapping in the breeze this summer.  Any fellow Beach Body peeps out there?  If so, I blog on the Team Beach Body site about fitness and my “get fit” adventure.  I’m groovegirl64.

What’s up, May?  Time to start a new chapter and a new adventure!  To quote the movie, Bolt; specifically the hamster Rhino, “Let it begin!!!  Let it begin!!!”


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