Feeling Writerly. It’s like feelin’ groovy, but more manic.

Bizarrely, my quest to write two novels at the same time is turning out to be a successful venture.  I prefaced the idea of writing the sequel to Random Contemporary and my next historical at the same time to my friends at work (and The Hubs) like this:

Me: So, I figure, I can write one novel at once.  Why not try writing two novels at once?

Work Friends (and The Hubs): Is that even possible?  Seems intense.

Seems intense indeed.  Frankly, here’s what I thought would happen: I thought one would be more captivating than the other and we’d just gallop off into the sunset together, leaving the other novel staring up at the sky, a la Willem Dafoe at the end of “Platoon.”

Instead…….it’s actually working.

Uneven, of course, but it’s working.  For those keeping score:

  • Random Contemporary II: 40 pages
  • Historical: 80 pages

That’s not bad.  In fact, that’s pretty darn good.

I ran into a snag with Random Contemporary II because, as you may know, I demand accuracy when I write.  Not Wikipedia accuracy, but actual historical accuracy.  The setting for RC II is (spoilers) a turn of the century Lodge where my parents went to college.  It was not, obviously, a Lodge when my parents went there.  Anyway, it burned down in 2003.  I was there one time, back in 1985 for my parents ten-year college reunion.  As I was only three, I remember very little of this trip.  My mother said, “You were three.  You’re not expected to remember.”

I informed her I hold myself to higher standards than that and, yes, I should remember.  Anyway, she gave me a book about the Lodge.  Google found me two websites about the Lodge and, inadvertently, spawned the entire plot.  But then, I asked my mom what the road leading up to it looked like, back when she and Dad went there.  She pointed me in the direction of a YouTube video some delightful person filmed in, oh, I’d say the early 90s, of driving up to the Lodge from the main road, driving up to the Lodge and walking into the Lodge.  Walking down the halls of the Lodge.  Walking down the stairs of the Lodge.

God Bless the Internet.

So, now I’m not entirely sure if I actually remember being there, or if I remember being there because I’ve watched that video so many freaking times now.  I spent forty-five minutes watching one left hand turn.  Anyway, I also got all weepy and depressed because I missed my dad.  I think he’d like this book, or at least, the 40 pages that thus far make up this book.  Do we like the title “All I Desire”?  Because, Random Contemporary Book 1 as “With Me Now” and Book 2 as “All I Desire” has a spiffy ring to it.

Meanwhile, I was telling a work cohort, Adelina, about my current writing plans, how “Anything You Ask of Me” is being published, “With Me Now” is almost ready to start submitting, and RC II and the historical–which, actually already has a title, “Since April”–are plodding along successfully.  Plus, there’s the always entertaining The Rambling Jour and the writing contest I’m still in (somehow) after seven weeks, LJ Idol.  She said, “You’re such a writer, Heather.  You always have something going on!”

True that.

This is, strangely, the first time I’ve felt writerly.  I mean, yes, I’m writing novels three and four right now.  I’m not sure why it’s taken this long for the “writer feeling” to kick in, but despite that, here it is.  I think it’s a gradual transition from saying, “I like to write” to saying “I write.”  Confidence, dedication, perseverance, all the biggies.  It’s like, that moment this week when I realized my bra, underpants, and tank top all were black and felt extremely well put together.  You’ve got this, Heather.  You’re so ass kickingly able to multitask two novels, parenting, and Day Job.  This is what it’s like to be at the top of your game.  Accept no imitations.

And then, I leave the house today and realize I forgot to put on deodorant.  Winning.



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