Celebrating 10,000 views…421 views later! And finally writing!

In preparation of my first cruise back in August, I bought a new notebook and pen pack in anticipation of mass quantities of writing.  I stood in the paper aisle at Target for like an hour, debating the cost of each notebook and determining which had precisely enough paper in it–college ruled–to fit my needs.  Not that I wouldn’t have stood in the paper aisle at Target for an hour anyway.  But I was actually in the market for a notebook.

cozumel1I didn’t spend anytime writing on that cruise.  In fact, I brought that brand new notebook on my cruise three weeks ago, in anticipation of mass quantities of writing.  I didn’t write on that cruise either.  I did, however, keep a running tally of how many jelly fish I saw.  I spent lots of time bumming around Cozumel and making references to writing, but I hadn’t sat down with Random Contemporary since Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve.

So, three weeks ago that was me, wearing short sleeves and shorts, relaxing under the glorious blue skies and warm Cozumel weather.

Today I woke up to six inches of snow.  I drove for ten minutes before I actually got to a plowed road.  At least it wasn’t icy (for once).

In the midst of all my sunshine, ruins climbing, monkey holding glory, my blog view tally ticked over 10,000 views.  Yay!!!  I was pretty stoked over this, since The Rambling Jour was not my first blog attempt.  No.  There have been blog attempts in years past that fizzled into nothing-ness, because nobody read them and I kept forgetting to blog.  I had a hilarious blog on MySpace (MySpace!  Ha!) a looooong time ago, but I shut it down because someone got offended and it turned into this ridiculous saga and…I kept forgetting to blog.

At least I’m getting better with actually remembering to blog.  I blame this on my delightful little iPhone and the fact my WordPress app stares me in the face every time I look at it.

So, thank you readers!  Here’s to the first 10,000 views and well on our way to the next 10,000.  I ate a quesadilla today in celebration.

Meanwhile, today I re-launched Operation Write at Day Job, where I spend my two ten minute breaks and thirty minute lunch break with more writing and less Facebook.  I suppose if you actually looked at the break time and considered the fact it took a long time to eat that quesadilla, I didn’t get as much writing done as I could (should) have.  And I was on Facebook a lot (shame!).  But, I managed to get two entire pages written overall.  Success!

It felt like having lunch with an old friend (namely, an old friend who didn’t mention in the spinach stuck in my teeth).  I’d written several pages last night in between watching the Olympics and watching Tom Hiddleston on BBC America’s Top Gear.  Today I had to pick up a few paragraphs later because, look, I can’t be writing that kind of smut at work.  I’m back on the wagon, friends.  And it’s great to be back!

And, speaking of the Olympics.  As much as I’ve been enjoying ice dancing, I am NOT going to be sad to say farewell to the Twizzle.  I’ve watched the Olympics since I was a child.  I learned to play the Norwegian National Anthem on the piano because of my fascination (read: obsession) with the Olympics in Lillehammer.  I have never been slapped in the face so many times with coverage of the Twizzle.  Look at them Twizzle.  Look at their unsynchronized Twizzle.  If only she’d Twizzled harder.  He wasn’t on his edges in his Twizzle.  Enough with the Twizzle.  I’m Twizzled out.  The Hubs tried to Twizzle across the living room last night and it didn’t do it for either of us.  Maybe I’ll try Twizzling on my way to the printer tomorrow at Day Job.  It can’t hurt.



  1. The Olympics is turning me into a sobbing, sleep-deprived mess. When these athletes show their defeat or victories on their faces, I feel what they’re feeling. Or at least a sliver of what they’re feeling.

    Anyway, writing! Yay you! 🙂

    1. Thanks, lady!! What are we going to do now that the Olympics will end tomorrow? I, for one, feel as if I’ll have nothing to watch on television now. Eighteen months until the Summer Games? Too long. Far, too long.

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