Merry Christmas!


The presents freak out passed and food coma set in, it’s time to sit back like The Rowdy Boys and relax. And then eat some more. And then watch the Doctor Who Christmas special, where I’ll probably weep uncontrollably into my egg nog.

Hoping you all have a blessed day! Wishing you all great family, fabulous food, and a merry, merry Christmas!



    1. I don’t think I realized how *much* I adored Matt Smith as The Doctor until the end. I was bawling my eyes out at the end of the episode. “I’ll always remember when The Doctor was me.” Gut wrenching. We’ll see how Capaldi is. I read the new season won’t start until next fall!!!!!

      1. Egads! Next fall?

        My mom and I discussed Capaldi after the Christmas Special and neither of us think he’ll be as engaging as the three before him. Only time will tell.

      2. I read an interview that Capaldi as The Doctor will somehow tie into the characters he played in Doctor Who and in Torchwood. So, that might be interesting. He’s going to be insanely different than Matt Smith. I think he’ll be darker, maybe more like Tennant when he was at his lowest. Perhaps a grouchier Doctor. But, he’ll be fun. Or he’ll be short lived, that’s for sure!

        I almost bought Series Seven on BBC America tonight to hold me over until next fall, but so far they’ve been replaying a lot on television. I have the Tom Baker years on DVD…so, there’s always that.

      3. I’m sure I’ll go through withdrawal before the new season begins. I don’t have any of them on DVD. I do have Blink recorded on my DVR (my all-time favorite episode) as well as The Day of the Doctor and the Christmas special.

      4. Blink is excellent!! I just picked up Day of the Doctor yesterday at the mall. I’ve noticed BBC America is starting to edit it for time (there’s something ironic about that) when it airs, so I bought it. It has mini episodes on it…hoping its the Night of the Doctor.

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