Stand back: I’m posting my fiction. Short story “With My Face to the Enemy” is live!

Here on The Rambling Jour, I’ve posted a lot of things.  I’ve posted pictures of myself in an 1860s corset (here).  I’ve blogged about a coworker’s nipples getting caught in a revolving glass door (here) and the horror that was scheduling a gynecological exam with Hot Doctor (here).  And, I talk a lot about writing.

But I never actually post any of my writing.

Ha, well, that ends today.  Today, I’ve gathered all my courage and self-esteem and slapped it into a page; a page listed above this blog post in the little tool bar.  Yes.  It’s hard to read.  But it’s there.  It’s right next to Contact Me.  The page title is, in fact, the short story title, “With My Face to the Enemy.”  Poor formatting aside, it’s there and once I get around to actually reformatting the blog and getting a new layout, it’ll look better.  Until then, you can click above.  Or, you can click here.

This is, in fact, the short story that I didn’t win a short story contest with!  Oh well!  But, I edited it two or three times.  Could I edit it two or three times more?  Sure.  I can still pull out college papers I received A grades on and edit them two or three more times (figuratively speaking because, look, I don’t even have time to drink a diet Mountain Dew until my kids are in bed.  Who has time to improve college greatness?).

Read.  Be gentle.  But, read!  Spoiler:  It’s Antietam, kids!


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