Thus far in my NaNo rebellion, I’ve titled Random Contemporary!

And that’s just about all!

For those keeping score, I’ve written close to 3,000 words this week.  Well…3,000 actually is a generous rounding up of what I actually wrote.  I just did out the math and I’ve written 2,303 words.  Poor start.  Sloooooow start.

That’s okay, this kid’s got her rally socks on.

I’ve been trying to finish my current chapter for like, three days now.  It’s not a lack of motivation that’s stopping me or my patented Heather Hambel Curley Falling Asleep with My Face Smashed in a Couch Cushion delay.  No.  It’s just…not happening for me.  I’m sitting here looking at it; it’s almost there–just not quite.  Just maybe two more paragraphs.  Coincidentally, I’ve been saying that for about two and a half pages.  But, we’re getting there.  Slowly.

In the meantime, I’ve titled Random Contemporary.  I know.  I too was stunned that I managed to figure out a title before I’d even gotten halfway through the book.  This never happens.  I mean, it took The Hubs and I almost two entire days to name The Toddler after he was born.  And we had nine months to prepare for that, it wasn’t like he just showed up unannounced (well, technically he kind of did, because I was only in labor for four total hours and then he just came barreling out).

Anyway.  Drum roll.  Random Contemporary is now, officially:

With Me Now.

I’ll miss referring to it as Random Contemporary.  Because, despite the fact that it’s titled and has a life of its own in it’s total 34,175 words, it’s still pretty random I wrote it at all.  It’s contemporary.  It’s paranormal.  Jeb Stuart isn’t in it at all.  Completely unlike me.  Puzzling.

I’m not sure why–and maybe some of my writer buddies out there can commiserate–but somehow coming up with a title feels like finishing my last final in college.  Phew, at least that’s done.  Because, you know, despite the fact that I’m only almost at the halfway point in the plot, I was beginning to ponder how I’d start to submit it without a legitimate title.  Untitled?  Slap on a random title?  Peddle it as Random Contemporary?  I guess we’ll save that adventure for the next novel.

So, in the end, two things have been accomplished this week:

  • Titled novel
  • Got the Rowdy Boys their flu shots.

And, I bought a ton of delicious Halloween candy 50% off.  That’s not an accomplishment though.  That’s a victory.  Come home with me, Peanut Butter Snickers bar.  You and I were meant for each other.

With Me Now.  Love it!



  1. I’ve had a slow nano week too. 3590 and working title of wasp sting.. glad you got random contemporary titled.

    Can’t stay here chatting, lovely though it is.. you go finish your chapter and I’ll try to double my word score before work today. I’ve got 3hrs, that’ll be easy, right?

    When we’ve done that, we’ll have earnt the left over Halloween sweets.. not all of them though.. 😉

  2. Hurray for With Me Now! I can’t wait to read it! I’ll miss your references to Random Contemporary, though. 🙂

    Titles are tricky, I’ve learned. The title of my first published book came to me out of nowhere, and then I wrote the story around the title. My editor of my recently released novella asked me to change its title, which I thought was great, to something sexier. The new title is actually kind of perfect, though. No one seems to like the title of my NaNo project, and I thought it was so clever! So yep, titles are weird and apparently I suck at coming up with them.

    Can I tell you something funny? You wrote 34,175 pages in your post, not words. If that really is pages, you have an epic, now titled book on your hands! 🙂

    1. OMG. Ha! Well, you know. I prefer to write in terms of volumes of work, not just a single title. It’s this thing I do.

      I too am terrible at coming with with titles. I came up with With Me Now when driving in my car, playing really really loud music. I’m giddily excited that it ties in with the plot as well as it does. In the end, the book will always be Random Contemporary in my heart, just as the last one will always be Manuscript.

      Today’s challenge is actually finishing the chapter that’s had me in its sweaty little grasp for three days. I need like, a couple killer sentences and that’s it. Stop falling asleep, Heather!

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