And then I almost threw up: My first on camera interview!

As promised, here’s the link to my on camera interview for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  My initial reactions:

  • Oh.  My.  God.
  • Well, at least I don’t look dirty.
  • Actually, I look kind of cute.
  • My voice really sounds like that?
  • Oh.  My.  God.

Anyway, check it out!  Click here for the video.

We’re also in the photo-feed under July 3rd on the Post-Gazette’s webpage.  Click here.  You’ll have to scroll down, but we’re the black and white picture.

This one takes some digging, but this is a slide show on the Tribune Review’s site.  I’m in the brown dress, smiling up at a soldier.  Click here.

And last, but certainly not least, the Gettysburg NPS Facebook page.  Click here!

Oh, and one more thing: For those who couldn’t make it out to the park this week to see our demos, here’s an NPS clip.  We’re the first fifteen seconds of the video.  The Hubs is on cannon number one.  Click here.

Am I trending?  No.  But it’s still pretty cool!



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