Huge error in book buying judgment: Enter the Epic Fail.

I think I made a colossal misstep.

So, when we were milling about the gift shop in the Gettysburg Visitor’s Center, I rummaged around the (surprisingly) small historical fiction section.  Several books caught my eye, oddly enough one of which was Gone With the Wind.  I resisted.  I picked up another one that sounded interesting, After the Rain, and put it back too.  Took a free tour.

Later that night–and I’m fairly certain it was that night, though it might have been the next–The Hubs and I were at the local bar, drinking Miller Lite on draft.  Because we’re cheap.  And when I say local bar, what I really mean is the one bar in town.

So anyway.

The bartender was talking to this guy about the upcoming insanity that will be the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg and the horror the event is having on the general populace.  And I realized, the guy was an author.  Not only was he an author, but he was the author of the book I’d bypassed earlier, After the Rain.  John M. Archer.  Author.  Licensed Battlefield Tour Guide.

By the time I’d figured all of this out, I’d also consumed two White Russians.  So.  Erring on the side of caution, I kept my mouth shut and enjoyed my beverage.  Beverages.  Whatever.  He ended up leaving early, but the bartender was talking about his other books and the time she’s spent making calls to place his books in bookstores across the country.  She also mentioned the name of his publisher, a local publisher named Ten Roads Publishing.

“I’m going to buy that book.”  I announced to The Hubs.

When we went back to the Visitor’s Center to purchase odds and ends, including not one but two wedding presents and a “thanks for watching our maniac children” gift for my mom, I picked up the book.  Held it in my greedy little hands.  Then I snagged an amazing t-shirt for myself (and I never buy Gettysburg related clothing items, so you have to believe me that it was amazingly awesome).  Then, I stormed around the gift shop trying to figure out what to get The Rowdy Boys.  Everything for kids was ridiculously priced (says the gal who spent thirty-two bucks on the above referenced shirt).  Then I picked out two stuffed horses wearing Gettysburg shirts for the kiddos.  Mentally added up our purchases.

And I put the book back.

What.  Just.  Happened.

I cannot for the life of me figure out what I was thinking.  “I’ll just put this back!  Awesome books fall on my lap all the time!”

I walked away.  Just walked away.

And now, I firmly realize the error in my judgment.  Never put the book back!  Argh, it’s so flipping frustrating!  The book was literally in my hands.  I carried it around for like, twenty minutes!  Of course, now I want to read it.  Really bad.  I feel like Willem Dafoe at the end of Platoon.  Arms up, shaking in tortured agony as the helicopter takes off without him.  Noooooooooo……


On the bright side, we’ll be headed back to Gettysburg in a couple of weeks.  But then, so will about 35,000 other people.  Logistically, I’m not sure how feasible getting into the Visitor’s Center will be.  Am I willing to try?  Yes.  Am I convinced that book will be there?  No.  No I’m not.  I mean, yes, obviously I can purchase it off Amazon.  But I’m cheap and I hate paying shipping.  Especially when the silly book was in my pocket and I was getting ready to stroll on up to the cash register.  Fail.  Fail.  Fail.

But the shirt is still awesome.  In the bitter agony of defeat, I maintain the awesomeness of the shirt.  And, in a couple of weeks, it will be awesome-er when I’m wearing it and reading After the Rain.  No doubt.



    1. Thanks!! I tried to find it on amazon last night but was having trouble with the mobile site. I think it was the subtitle throwing my search off. I couldn’t even find it by author name though. Weird. But then, I was falling asleep on the couch at the same time…which is always the Scooby-Doo to my villainous acts.

  1. I always try to buy every book I pick up. If I don’t, I spend the next few days agonizing over it and scolding myself. “You could’ve afforded it, you nitwit. It’s just one book! You’re not going to go broke over it.” Well, that’s what I’m going right now. I put one back yesterday and it’s haunting me still. 😦

  2. Just had to stop in and see what you were up to these days.. As usual, it made me laugh. Not meaning to sound insensitive, but you are always fun to read, even when your growling.

    1. Thanks!! 🙂 Life is a great adventure! You’re right though, I did some serious growling when I realized the error in my ways. I sounded like some kind of cross between a goat and polar bear. Horrifying. Unfortunately, my three year old thought it was hilarious and now he won’t stop doing it!

  3. Simple suggestion. Try Book Depository. They have free shipping anywhere in the world! I wouldn’t mind shipping so much, but it costs me more to ship the books to Australia than it does to buy the books!

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